Nolf 2

I remember we were discussion not too long ago, on the old boards, that NOLF 2 will not have deathmatch support. Any new updates on this? I’d sure like to get a little more info on this, because my buddies and I really enjoy deathmatch in NOLF.

I think this is a mistake, personally…Anyone else have any good input?

But it will support cooperative multiplayer.

Here’s the 411 on this:

NOLF2 will NOT have deathmatch or CTF or whatever. It WILL have multiplayer support (with completely new networking code, BTW).

They developers feel that the market is flooded with DM, CTF, Counter-Strike team games, stuff like that. They also have what they feel is some really bitchin’ dynamic AI in the single player game.

So they decided to make special co-op missions where you and some buddies (up to 4 I think, maybe 6?) have to work together to accomplish some sort of secret agent objective.

They’re being really tight-lipped about details, except to confirm that it is NOT co-op through the regular single player levels. Too much story and event triggering stuff for that to work. They MP missions will be specially custom-built for the co-op multiplay mode.

Sounds like a great idea, if you ask me. I love co-op stuff. And if they have decent 'net code (oh GOD let them have fixed it!), it’ll take all of two days for someone to make a deathmatch mod. I mean really, you shoot anyone who isn’t you, and tally the score. You kill yourself, you lose a point. How hard could that be for the mod community to code up? =)

While I’m loving the idea of co-op, my buddies and I just really have a good time running over each other with snowmobiles. :-)

With the possible exception of Jedi Knight II, NOLF is our favorite multiplayer game to date. We love it and play it regularly, and I’m sorely gonna miss deathmatch…I hope the mod community implements it smoothly and well…

Its okay, at least will get this in NOLF 2!

I like her. She’s cooler than Laura Skanky Croft!


Which leads me to ask the question: How long 'til we see Cate Archer on the big screen? Can a movie be far off?

Call me crazy, but I think No One Lives Forever could be turned into a very watchable movie.

I can see the pitch meeting now:

“It’s Austin Powers crossed with James Bond! With a nod to VI Warshawski!”

What the hell, Cate Archer is completely based on a real person and she has been known to appear in movies. God, those eyes!

I wonder who can be as hot and cool as Cate in a movie? I think that chick in Trainspotting who has sex with Obi Wan was hot. Shes English and is pretty hot and sorta looks like Cate Archer. Or maybe Cate Blanchett. I cant get enough of women named Cate! Real or unreal!

BTW, heres Cate again. I love orange!


Mitzi Martin is the original Cate Archer. I think it only fair that she play the part in the movie.

Or, if you prefer, that could be Mitzi Martin.

But is Mitzi Martin English and can she really act? Not like they’d make a movie of NOLF anyway… so Cate shall forevermore remain in my (wet)dreams, maybe she’ll meet Cate Blanchett and both will marry me! :lol:


Dunno about the accent. She may or may not be able to cut it.

But she seems to be a decent actress. Not that I’ve seen her in much, and not that she did much in that (though she did say “We are hot chicks with large breasts” and get groped by a blind kid), but I don’t know that it would be too much of a stretch.

If Jolie can be Lara Croft, why couldn’t Mitzi be Cate Archer?

And I think this would be a fairly good idea for a movie. Which is exactly why they’ll probably never do it.

Here she is in a publicity photo as Cate Archer:

Maybe that is a bad photo, but she seems pretty far off from the polygonal Cate.

Two words: Elizabeth Hurley.

I thought you were gay, mtkafka? Weren’t you grooving on the elf in Lord of the Rings?

Elizabeth Hurley would rock as Cate Archer!!! Forgot about her. I wonder if Bub can get in touch with her, he is a limey brit supposedly…

Anyway about me being gay… its true… I like to be happy sometimes. :P

I am so goddamn funny!


Dang, I forgot to add a smiley to my previous post, lest you think I’m keeping track of who’s happy and who’s not. :D

Bub is definitely not a “limey brit.” He’s a transplanted Southern Californian native now stuck in Wisconsin. Whatever made you think he was British?

Shortly before claiming he broke the story about Neverwinter Nights, Bub did claim he was British. I think he was serious about at least one of those claims.


I thought he was serious about both claims… shows you what I know.


Wow, what is with the Bub bashing? From his discription he really did have the story first and got it out first. Why all the anger and negativity by everyone?