NOLF2 Co-Op: Bravo!

Hats off to Monolith for taking the daring move to put in a campaign multiplayer co-op game mode, complete with a plotline and multiple characters.

From the recent GameSpot preview:

Instead, No One Lives Forever 2 will have about a dozen cooperative-only levels that will be slightly different from their single-player counterparts in that they’ll have their own plot and characters. Most of these missions will take place either before or after familiar single-player missions. For example, one of these minicampaigns takes place in Calcutta, a few hours before the events in the corresponding single-player level. You’ll be part of a team of UNITY members–the same organization that sponsors Cate Archer’s globe-trotting and villain-bashing–that’s been sent in to prepare the area for Cate’s arrival, which takes place in one of the single-player missions. You and the other players on this intercept team will be tasked with scoping out the area where a meeting between Cate and a local named Balaji Malpani is scheduled to take place.


This sort of gametype is perfect for my frequent LANs. Add NOLF2 to the already way too long list of games I want to play in the coming months. :)

I’ll second that. I’m really looking forward to this one. The Friday Night Follies crew (our weekly LAN party) strongly prefer co-op over competitive play.

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Loyd Case

While it does sound fun, we love NOLF’s deathmatch mode, but realize that it has some quirks. We were sure looking forward to NOLF 2 to straighten some of those out.

Jason Cross always reminds me that someone will MOD a deathmatch mode within days of the release, and I’m sure that’s true, but…I dunno. I don’t see why they didn’t include both. If they MOD community can crank it out in a couple of days, as Cross says, surely it wouldn’t have been much extra work for Monolith, right? :cry:

There is a significant difference in the quality level expected of a mod versus a supported game mode by the developers. It is not a couple of days’ work.

Additionally, they’d have to make more maps, as I’m sure the single-player maps would not be suitable for deathmatch or other non-cooperative multiplayer play.

I agree – which is what makes me doubt more and more the likeliness that a good deathmatch mode will ever exist for the game. And, if it doesn’t, I suppose that would be okay, but I’d miss it. I like running my buddies down with the snowmobile.

If NOLF had bot support, I wouldn’t complain as much. I hoped NOLF 2 would have deathmatch with bot support, but they said quite awhile back that it wouldn’t.

And I love NOLF team deathmatches.

Frankly, I think the reason we’re not seeing much in the way of a wide array of multiplayer game modes is simply because NOLF’s multiplayer mode wasn’t all that grand. The number of players in the lobbies about a month after its initial release (when I did in fact, finally get the game) wasn’ t much to speak of, and frankly, I can get DM in a zillion other games. Maybe not ones with snowmobiles, but, still, DM is DM.

Yay! Co-op lives!

  • Alan

The co-op in NOLF2 is brilliantly executed. The sentiment conveyed by the designers is that people will get their DM/competitive fix from UT2003 and BF1942 - why compete with that, when they could be using their level designers and artists for original co-op content (a sadly neglected area of online FPS play)?

Personally, I agree. I’m impressed that Monolith has decided to buck the trend of providng yet another Swiss Army Knife of FPS design, and has instead gone balls out on SP and co-op content.

Geezus, do we REALLY need DM play in EVERY FPS title? Beyond a few weird obsessives, who actually PLAYS the DM game in the non-Epic/id/Valve offerings?


Or is he a weird obsessive. :wink:

Well, NOLF just has so darn much personality. I’ve heard the online multiplayer is pretty crappy, but we regularly play it on a LAN, and for some reason it just clicks with us better than any other shooter we’ve tried out. (Well, is JK2 a shooter? 'Cause we love that one, too.)

But, we’ll deal with it. I certainly do appreciate Monolith’s reasoning, and think it’s a smart move for the company.

But that doesn’t prevent me from mourning the deathmatch in NOLF 2.

What Kool Moe Dee said.

If Monolith just threw in Deathmatch, people would complain to no end. They’d complain that there aren’t custom levels for deathmatch and the story levels don’t make good DM layouts (the co-op mode uses modified versions of the levels from the single-player game). They’d complain that there are no bots. They’d complain about no voting system. Blah blah blah.

Essentially, that one “extra” mode would be held up to the standard of games like Unreal Tournament that exist only for that kind of gameplay. And doing it that well would tack on another couple months, easy.

Besides, the co-op mode would go underplayed then, and it’s pretty darn cool that they decided to sort of fill in backstory and stuff with the co-op.

I’m sure a DM mod, and probably CTF as well, will be released really soon after Monolith releases the NOLF2 tools (whenever that is). And it won’t have all those expected things…at least not at first.

Who knows? Maybe the game will be a million-seller and Monolith/Fox/Sierra will support it like Valve has with Half-Life: free updates with new maps and game modes, “official” mods, etc. Lord knows they’ve been very good about aftermarket support for less-popular games like AvP2.

…co-op…a sadly neglected area of online FPS play…

No shit!!! NOLF 2 will will get my money just for this feature. I didn’t really care for the first game and would not be buying the sequel it.