NOLF2: Full multiplayer, SDK, expansion pack?

Here’s the gamespy coverage:

And now the choice bits:

The “first big release” (as Monolith put it) is a huge NOLF2 multiplayer patch which will be released within a week or two, adding deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a new gameplay mode called Doomsday.

Beeman was only too happy to share that an editing toolkit with complete documentation is in the works, which will give fans a chance to get under the hood with NOLF2 and create their own content.

We asked Monolith and Sierra about recent reports that an expansion pack for NOLF2 was in the works, which they confirmed was true and should be released sometime later this year.

I played the co-op missions over the net with my brother recently, and we had a blast. We’ve enjoyed playing co-op games together since Rip Off, so that was a welcome inclusion. In fact, he only bought the game so that we could do this, so the co-op play sold at least one copy. :)