NOLF2: Not as bad as people say

Just finished NOLF2. I thought it was top-notch. I noticed it getting knocked for a couple of things around here, but I didn’t mind them. For example, I didn’t think it got too easy. Maybe I just suck, but the last level was pretty challenging, and even the couple before that were okay (although they could have been harder).

I didn’t even mind the fire level that much. Story-wise, it was pretty dumb and it certainly didn’t seem very heroic (much less spy-like), but gameplay-wise I thought it worked fine. It was cool to have a level where you have to dodge almost all of the enemies instead of mowing them down.

So, if any of you folks are on the fence about NOLF2 because of the complaints you’ve seen on these boards, allow me to toss in an unreserved thumbs-up for this game. If you like shooters, pick this baby up.

I haven’t quite finished it yet, but I’m loving it. A lot.

Haven’t tried the MP yet, though, and I’m really thinking I’m going to miss deathmatch…Anybody have thoughts on that, good or bad? Is there a DM mod out yet?

throws in support for the game

I liked it a lot too, begining to end. I probably chimed in on some thread with some negatives, but there was nothing I found worth getting upset over. Just some “Well I wish…” kind of things. It’s a great game.

I’m not sure who thought it was that bad, but I had a blast and thought it was worth every penny. NOLF2 is certainly a welcome change from the humorless macho bullshit that contaminates most FPS games.

If you need somebody to pummel who disliked it, I will volunteer. I hated it, but that may be due to the demo making me headachey and nauseated.

“So, if any of you folks are on the fence about NOLF2 because of the complaints you’ve seen on these boards, allow me to toss in an unreserved thumbs-up for this game. If you like shooters, pick this baby up.”

I think you are confusing this board with another. NOLF2 was recieved pretty well overall on this board. Maybe not all thought so but I’d say a majority.

I’ll add my name to the NOLF2 fan list.

Same here. I loved NOLF2.

count me in. I love Cate Archer. :D


This board (me included) has a bad habit of hating the games we love: someone posts “man I love this game! It’s the greatest game I’ve played in ages and you all should buy it. BUT…” followed by a 1200 word diatribe about all the things that are wrong with it. :)

We all pay WAY too much attention to games around here, and most of us are guilty of doing the above to some degree. Maybe NOLF2 just fell into that as well, and it seemed like people didn’t like it when they did.

It’s certainly universally acclaimed, with lots of reviews ranging from “wow it’s really good” to “game of the year”, and I think the general consensus around here is that it totally kicks ass. Me personally, I think it’s the best shooter anyone’s released since the NOLF was released two years ago, which actually kinda dissapionts me.

As for DM and such: Right now the only multiplayer is the co-op thing that one of the players hosts while they play. Finding a good host takes a miracle, and then you gotta hope you’re playing with people who aren’t jackasses. When you hit both of those, it’s pretty fun. The mod tools haven’t been released yet, and neither has a stand-alone server.

Monolith is supposedly at work on big 'ol team-based official mod that they’ll release along with a stand-alone server, level editing tools, and appropriate game code for modders. I’ve not heard an ETA yet, and Monolith/Sierra has been really quiet about it except to say, around the time of NOLF2’s release, that it’s planned.

Maybe Adam Khan can give us a little update. Adam? Pretty please?

Alright, I swore I wouldn’t bite, but it’s getting way too cozy in here :)

NOLF2 was Moroccan monkey dung compared to the first game. Yes, as far as mindless shooters go, NOLF2 is better than most, but as any kind of competition for its predecessor, it’s not even in the same ballpark.

I’m sorry, but whoever thinks Magnus-on-a-trike-chasing-a-midget-mime is hilarious must still watch cartoons in real life. That’s not funny. That’s contrived and hokey and so far beneath the brilliance of the first game’s humor that it’s an insult to my intelligence that M would even consider throwing it in my face the way they did.

The gameplay wasn’t any great shakes, either. Without a strong, solid storyline to make me actually care what happened, the game played out pretty much like any standard shooter: kill the bad guys, move on to the next level, lather, rinse, repeat. It was very easy to lose sight of the fact that I was supposed to be Cate Archer, superspy, in this game, and I often did. Much of the time I was just Standard FPS Dude(tte) doing my standard FPS duty. The RPG elements, while welcome, didn’t seem to add all that much to the game, either…at least, they didn’t add enough.

Technically, however, it was peerless. If game awards were handed out for technical merit alone, NOLF2 would be the clear winner this year. But unfortunately it’s a case of the pretty face with nothing much going on behind the eyes. The lights are on, but…etc.

Yes, if you’re oblivious to the things that made the first game great, then I imagine you might be able to play NOLF2 and think it’s fun. But if you loved the first game, I can’t see how you can consider the second one anything less than an affront. It’s not that it’s inferior that’s so maddening; it’s that M clearly didn’t even try to play to NOLF1’s greatest strengths. Instead, they went for the easy score by turning what was really a work of art into a run-of-the-mill, me-too shooter. The truth be told, I would be surprised if (barring the creation of some must-have mod or something) NOLF2 is even much remembered a year from now.

I disagree on every point! As I said, I’m not done, so I haven’t seen it all, but the storyline is keeping me involved enough to make me happy, the humor is just fine – though it might miss a little bit more than the humor in the first one – and the game plays out nicely. And I think the RPG-ish-ness is a nice touch, and can make a difference, to let you complement your play style the way you see fit.

Oh, and it’s gorgeous.

I think you should switch the b and m in your name. It suits you much better.

You’re clearly in the minority here, muttbunch, so why don’t you just shut up?

I have a sense of humour and I thought that section was hilarious. The mimes in NOLF2 were fantastic. I can’t wait to play NOLF2 from the beginning again.

I think Buttguy has a point though… imo NOLF 2’s humor is a bit over the top compared to the original. As well the diversity of characters, areas, levels, weapons is all missing in NOLF2 compared to NOLF1. The game does feel like it was made with less overall ambition than NOLF1.

But compared to the above average shooters released these days (JK2, MOH, RTCW) NOLF 2 is still up on top for me, especially with the much more believable AI and the stealth/action gameplay being spot on perfect (at least in the stealth oriented levels). But I expected a bit more from NOLF2… its still an excellent game (a 91.04 out of 100, 4.56 out of 5 an A- in school…) but compared to the near perfection of NOLF 1 its just good (instead of great!) as a sequel.

Also I liked the old Cate voice. It was more sexy and sophisticated (the dialogue in NOLF 1 also had great non gaming references as well!). Still the dialogue in NOLF 2 is far above most games these days.


NOLF2 is a great game, definitely GOTY material. I think there are two camps who are saying negative things about NOLF2:

The “NOLF1 is better” group. Some people have an extreme fondness for NOLF1, and they rip apart NOLF2 because it doesn’t measure up. Certainly NOLF2 doesn’t seem to have as many “memorable moments” as NOLF1, but that doesn’t make it a bad game by any measure.

The second group, and I admit I agree with this, is the “why did Monolith resort to @#$(* respawning in this game?” camp. Thankfully it only happens in a few missions, but when it does happen, it kills the immerseveness for me completely. Yes, if you figure it out, it’s not so bad (you know that killing a certain guard will result in a replacement guard walking in moments later). But those parts of the game made me feel like I was stuck in some programmer’s infinite loop. Again, it does’t make the game “suck”, but does contribute to making certain levels “less fun”.

My biggest complaint about NOLF2: it’s too short. I was having way too good a time for it to end that quickly. :D

Hey, that’s not cool. This is a messageboard, not the Third Reich.

Hey, that’s not cool. This is a messageboard, not the Third Reich.[/quote]

Wouldn’t it be great if we all liked the same things and we could all just gush at/on each other about them?

Clone 1, “You remember when you had to snipe that guy in the tower on mission 12?”

Leroy, “Yeah, that was great wasn’t it? And what about the ad for radioactive bras on that billboard next to the run down diner? Funny stuff.”

Clone, “Yeah, funny.”

Leroy, “Yeah.”

38 hours of no posting

Leroy, “Remember when we talked in that thread about the tower and that billboard. That was a good thread, huh?”

Clone, “Yeah it was. Hehe.”

Leroy, “Yeah.”

That would be great. I guess we can still dream.