Non-payment on Ebay

I just sold a laptop and I got much more than it was really worth but a bidding war started… so I win!

My problem is that the buyer will not respond. The aution was over on Saturday, and I immediately sent him a paypal invoice, then 3 follow up emails and told him that payment is due today at 5pm.

I am sure I can get this thing sold for a fair price if I relist it…so that is not really a big deal but I just wonder if anyone else went thru this and if ebay was any help in this situation?

I just bought a DVD set of the first 5 seasons of the Gilmore Girls for my sister on eBay. At some point after I mailed the check the seller became “an unregistered user.” So I had no way to contact them, and no way to leave feedback on them. So I’m out $175 (it was a banker’s check, so that was my own stupid mistake) with little recourse from eBay. It sucks, but caveat emptor.

Or in your case, it’s caveat venditor, I suppose. But you’re not out of luck, only that I found eBay to be of little help.

I think at this point the best thing to do is to either re-list the item or try to offer to it to the 2nd highest bidder for the Item.

I’m pretty sure e-bay had a couple of options that makes doing that easy for you…second chance items and whatnot (I forget the exact term)

Ebay gives you some kind of discount if you have to relist the item for reasons just like that.

I’ve had this happen to me three times. Each time I sent an e-mail to the buyer saying something like “Please send payment via PayPal by 5pm tomorrow or I will have to submit a nonpayment complaint through eBay.”

When I did submit the formal complaint, I was always quickly contacted by the buyer who gave me some excuse (“My kid bid on the item” or “I changed e-mail addresses.”) but ponied up the money. When you file these complaints eBay not only sends them an e-mail, but flashes a big message to them when they log onto the site, so they get it even if they’re having e-mail problems and never check their eBay messages. If they get too many of these nonpayment complaints filed against them, eBay will suspend their account.

There’s also some kind of talk about “Final Value Credit” from eBay, but I’ve never gotten to that point. You can read more about it here:

ok good stuff… thanks

Honestly at this point, if he doesn’t actually pay, I can still get a good price for the computer but I DO want to file a complaint-- I gave the guy until 5 today to pay or at least respond to to me.

I will definitely file a complaint though…

I just recently read this thread over on Ask Metafilter. It starts out as an innocent “I got scammed” thread, and then devolves into a …well, you should read it for yourself.

Can you really demand payment be sent within a few days of the auction ending? Ebay doesn’t have some sort of policy on this? What if the person is out of town for a few days, rather than neglecting you?

You have to wait 7 days from the end of the auction before filing a nonpayment complaint, which seems like plenty of time for me. If they’re going to be out of town for long periods of time they probably shouldn’t have bid on the auction.

Yeah, 7 days is reasonable. But I thought the OP said 3 days and then the complaint.

Well, since a bid was made and I sent them a pay pal invoice withing like 5 minutes of the auction ending, I think the out of town excuse probably wouldn’t work.

The only thing I didn’t do which i usually do is put a time limit to pay in the item listing- but frankly I just want to give the second bidder the option or put it back on again.

But I don’t want to get dinged for not giving the buyer a chance-- I have no negative feed back and would like to keep it that way.

Yeah, I saw the 7 day thing but that is to actually file a complaint… I my email to the buyer I gave him or her until 5 today to pay.

I guess I wonder if I can get in trouble for selling to number 2 bidder or relisting…

I have sent an invoice and 3 emails with NO repsonse-- seems reasonable to me.

Ebay have a process for dealing with nonpayment and offering the item to the second highest bidder. Frankly, I’d get in touch with the second high bidder right away to tell them they are the winner due to no communication from the high bidder, and invoice them for their own bid a few minutes later (not the highest bidder’s bid, naturally.)

Ebay is a den of scum. The way to deal with things is to be honest, forthright, route around fraud and stupidity with common sense, and use Ebay’s self-serving policies as a last resort.

Mystery’s ask metafilter link is the most awesome thing I have read in weeks.

that is all.

And after all that, I got a very nice apologetic email stating she was out of town on a family emergency and would post payment asap…

damn i was all set to get all nasty too… oh well.

I strongly recommend you do this anyhow, just for the hell of it.

I’m getting pretty fed up with selling on eBay. After years of no hassles, lately I’ve had people back out claiming “stolen accounts,” a guy getting me stuck in paypal “conflict resolution” hell because he bought a PDA cell phone that doesn’t have good coverage in his area, and various other hassles.

There are apparently people out there now hacking accounts and bidding up products for the hell of it, just to grief sellers.

This is only relavent because it’s in the metafilter link.

Money should never remain in PayPal. ETF it to your bank as soon as you can, and before you mail the goods. (PayPal is a wire transfer system, not a bank, so money stored in PayPal is a kind of token stored in legal limbo, and you have no legal rights of ownership or access to it at all)