Non-zombie/dinosaur Lumines thread

OK, I lied. My top score is 20k (I just checked). I have been past the green/white to the orange/white level though.

I’m still finding it hard to break out of my tetris lines mindset though. At least I’m getting better at spamming the special blocks before they collapse :)

Lumines uses Puyo Puyo or Tetris Attack logic though, so it might be a good idea to warm up with those types of games instead of Tetris, I think you might find it much easier that way. Also, make sure your constructing with a mind to the tempo of the light bar. Its very important to change your strategies when it gets faster or slower. You’ll find that if you make chains that “fit” better with the song in question is a hint on the way to developing better formations, much the same way as it was to shooting things in the best possible way in Rez.

My high score is 999,999 BTW. :twisted:

Are the song lyrics in English (that were originally Japanese of course, stuff like Shinin was already in English)? If not, I’ve been trying to translate the lyrics, (especially to Lights, which is a brilliant song) but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to make out certain words, so I wish the lyrics were printed somewhere…

My sister said that she heard someone in a shop mispronouncing the title as LOO-MINES, instead of more like “luminous” and thus saying they didn’t have what customers asked for when they heard the latter. Are people really that dumb? (Both not to ask, “That block puzzler for the PSP” and not to make the connection in the first place.)


I was just making a Lumines thread. Oh well, let’s get some high scores going in here. This is what we have from the other (totally lame) thread:

mouselock: “41k-ish I think”*
Me: 38264 (an actual not made-up score)
Chick: “something ridiculously modest like 25,000”**
Union: “Like 22k”

*Thinks abstract spatially for a living
**Not proud of his performance

It would be kind of sad if only four of us bought the best PSP game (by far), so lets have some more scores. And you guys figure out your real scores.

And how cool is the super block? I had a few of them on the map last night and just when I thought my game was over I set off this cascade that wiped out half of the screen. I love stuff like that.

31,000 and I’ve only had the PSP for one day. And only played two games. Take that Mr. Chick!

Heh. I was going to make this thread too.

63,202 in challenge mode.

All of the challenge skins unlocked. ( :( )

I suck in vs. CPU, though… it strikes me as much harder since the opponent can take away combos you’d been preparing.

Kitsune, 999,999? Either they changed the scoring, you played for 17 hours straight or you, sir, are the combo master! And I didn’t notice any songs in a foreign language (although who knows, I’m often too busy playing to really listen to the music). There’s a lot of Euro-style techno though, which I’m wondering if you got in your version? It may be like DDR where they change the music on localizing it to the US.

Fantastic, fantastic game, though I’m bummed about not seeing any more challenge mode skins. On the other hand, after I make sure that’s it, I guess I can pick the one I like best and really get down to working on a score now. I do find that the transitions tend to screw me up more than anything else.

I’ve only played 4 games in challenge mode, so I’m only up the second skin and a score of 7914.

That’s mostly because I’m now hooked on puzzle mode. I’ve cleared the first bunch, and am now stuck on the 4x4 block.

Nice score, mouselock. The songs are the same as the Japanese version. The only real difference is that they improved the loading times on the US version. I think there was a slight pause when songs changed in the JP version but now it’s pretty seemless.

I haven’t played single skin mode, does it change songs or do you just get the song for that skin over and over? An hour of ‘Shake Ya Body’ might prove that videogames do teach people to kill.

Seems to be the same song over and over. It’s odd, I like the game because of the music, but I sublimate it so I don’t actually notice the music.

In fact, anyone seen any codes or whatnot (unlockables) that just lets you play the music with the videos in the background? Apparently the videos have all sorts of effects too, but the only ones I notice are the ones that get in the way of me seeing where to place the blocks. (Shake my body? No. How bout you shake your annoying text all the way out of my face so I can see the best place to drop this gem, dammit!)

I believe Mondo Grosso (Mr. Osawa Shinichi) is behind all or at least most of the tunes in the game. A lot of their songs tend to be in English, but at least some of Eri Nobuchika’s (the newest front-runner of the act)'s debut songs are in Japanese. I would be surprised if Lights wasn’t, but that’s the very last new song you should hear in the game so I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard it yet. Though I think Monday Michiru sings one of the tracks, I’d have to fire it up again.

And its not all that hard to get that score, once you’ve been playing the game for three months. I’m sure you’ll be in the hundred-thousands pretty soon.

I just realized something sparked by this musical diversion. I can play Wipeout Pure right now! No need to wait for it come out here. PSP doesn’t have region encoding! Oh, you have no idea how happy I am right now. Time for an order of overnight shipping from some online retailer! Wipeout, here I come! BTW, what acts does the Wipeout soundtrack use this time?

Have you guys seen Pursuit Force BTW? It looks like a spiritual successor to the old Chase HQ Taito arcade games and really quite delightful. I definitely want to see more of it.

Oh and Ys VI PSP is still set for sometime this spring, either in April or May. And a game in the Sengoku series of shooters to set to arrive on the platform, whether its a port or a new game, I don’t know . Though beyond the redone Galaga mode in Namco Museum, there really aren’t any shooters out for it. There’s a pretty heavy rumor however of a Raiden collection coming down the pipe for it.

The good news is the tate mode in Namco Museum is brilliant, comfortable, convenient and plausible and bodes very well for such a mode in other shmups.


Sluggo, when you figure out that puzzle, let us know how you did it. Near as I can tell, you have to line up to four-block columns and then wait for a pair of single-colored blocks. There’s got be a better way…


You don’t need a pair of single colored blocks. You can can make a sort of ‘U’ shape where ther are four across the bottom and four on the left and right. To get the one on the bottom just use a half-n-half block. I.e., if orange is the color you’re trying to get, wait for a block that is half orange and half silver and make the “floor” of the ‘U’. Then the next solid silver block will take out the top half of the orange/silver floor block, leaving you with the u-shape. There are then different ways to fill the ‘U’, such as waiting for a single colored block of orange that is (hopefully) soon followed by another half orange/half silver block.

Of course, all of this is thoertical as the one time I came close to completing it I completely mistimed it and the line erased the blocks before I could lay down the “roof” of the ‘U’. I had to quit there lest I cry.

I just tried some of the timed thingys. Those are great when you’ve just got a few minutes. I got a 63 on the 3 minute one but that was only after two tries. Man this game rocks.

As I’m sure you all know, the original gameboy succeeded largely because of tetris… looks like sony is being very, very smart with the PSP.

Complaint time:

Skin 2 and 3 of the CPU challenge mode are annoying, with skin 3 being very, very, very annoying. I find them both really hard to see, but Skin 3 is nearly impossible. (It’s black solid blocks and in the same exact color tone, “invisible” blocks that just have a dotted outline.)

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be hard because of that, or what.

(Of course, there was one set on challenge mode, with red circles outlined by white and white circles outlined by red that I also had a lot of trouble with.)

I can’t tell if this is a game or a device used to see how my brain is wired. Time to quit and move on to God of War for the night. Or maybe open up one of my two as yet unopened PSP games and try them or something. Damn you, Lumines, and your all-engrossing addiction!

But the GameBoy came with Tetris. Tetris was becoming a phenom already, sure, but only with computer geeks and arcade fans. I wonder how many mainstreamers would have known they’d love Tetris enough to buy it seperately? Maybe Lumines should be a bundled game with every PSP.

I’ve beaten the 4x4 mission, but I’ll be damned if I can explain how. Bub was on the right track. I’ll try.

  1. basically, you need to build this:

[color=green]S S[/color] [color=darkblue]X X[/color] [color=green]S S[/color]
[color=green]S[/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=darkblue]X X [/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=green]S[/color]
[color=green]S[/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=darkblue]X X[/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=green]S[/color]
[color=green]S[/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=darkblue]X X[/color] [color=red]B[/color] [color=green]S[/color]
[color=green]S[/color] [color=red]B B B B[/color] [color=green]S[/color]
[color=green]S S S S S S[/color]

S is one color, B is another, and X = empty spaces. B is the color you’re trying to make the 4x4 with. (Letters chose because they spaced correctly.) You’ll see you can break that up into nine 2x2 blocks, and that it’s not hard to build if you shove unneccessary pieces to the side.

  1. now the hard part: once you have this built, you need to get lucky. You need to have a solid block (of color B) come down, quickly followed by a 2|2 block, that you can spin to complete the square. And you have to time it so that the square is fully formed before the timeline passes. And you can’t have any extra B squares adjacent to the 4x4 – i.e., you can’t substitute a 3x1 piece instead of the 2|2 to complete the square. It’s got to be a perfect 4x4.

I got to part 2 about 8 times before I got it right. Either the time would run out, or once right color solid block came down, I’d get a bunch of other crap pieces I couldn’t use. One time I actually made something BIGGER than the 4x4, and it didn’t give me the win. That was fun. :shock:

the next puzzle is “smile.” Perhaps appropriate. :)

Edit: on further experimenting, it’s possible to do this without the extra frame, and just build the “U” out of four 2x2 blocks. The key, however, remains getting lucky with the right colored solid block followed by a 2|2, and being able to slide them into place before the timeline passes.

Thankfully, the next 5 or 6 puzzles are nowhere near as devious. I’ve just finished the right arrow.

Awesome! I’ve played the game twice, never tried any of the missions, beaten Tom Chick’s score (he’s had the game like, a week or something) and I’m getting credit I don’t deserve from Sluggo for being on the right track. It is indeed a good friday! :wink:

Psst, it wasn’t me Sluggo.

But the GameBoy came with Tetris. Tetris was becoming a phenom already, sure, but only with computer geeks and arcade fans. I wonder how many mainstreamers would have known they’d love Tetris enough to buy it seperately? Maybe Lumines should be a bundled game with every PSP.[/quote]

Actually, Tetris was a huge NES hit a year before the Gameboy came out. But I agree that it may have been smart to bundle it with the PSP, but then again we have Sony to thank for killing off the concept of pack-in games anyway, so fuck them.

ha! Lumines is going to bomb at retail, dudes. It’s just a given. I’m sure it’s an amazing game, much like Rez and Sega Rally are things I still play and enjoy. But it’s probably best if you all realize it will not be a commercial success because it definitely will not be a big game for the system and will not be a “system seller” of any kind.

Even Cathcart, who’s ready to start a Miz fansite knows this.