Non-zombie/dinosaur Lumines thread

What do you mean Rez wasn’t a commercial success? Can you think of any other games that sell for $86 used? :twisted:

I swear the game stores love to take games like this and invent shelves that are so far behind the other games that they go into another dimension and come out in a bargin bin six months in the future. Maybe it’s the horrible box art or maybe they just associate puzzle games with all of the crap tetris clones that come out each year. Anyway I hope it sells but I wouldn’t be surprised if more copies of Shit Sports Port 2005 get sold. At least it has the 40 dollar price going for it.

Lumines is DOMED!

BTW, in the interest of full disclosure, I just checked my high score and it’s only 21,000. And unlike sluggo, I don’t have the excuse of having been working to get past the 4x4 puzzle. I am teh suck at Lumines.


I used the same strategy sluggo used. Took a few tries but I got it. The next one is easy though. I had 45 seconds left on my first attempt.

Yeah, no argument here. But has anyone here actually called it a system seller or even a potential commercial success in this thread yet? I’m too lazy to look. Word of mouth might make it a Katamari Damacy level hit and it couldn’t have been too expensive to make. Here’s hoping it gets bundled, because it’s a really fine game.

Think Microsoft is cheesed? Isn’t Lumines sort of the kind of game they were hoping for when they hired Alexey Pajitnov?

Well Q is making a game for Xbox 2 but Mizuguchi says it’s different from anything he’s done before.

That guy is still around? I thought he only ever made Tetris… no?

He worked for an American company called Macrovision (don’t quote me on that) and got his citizenship and learned English. This was after the Soviet collapse. He went to MS in the mid-nineties and made a retail puzzle package called Pandora’s Box.

Actually, damn, he’s been busy working on all kinds of games - like Tom Chick’s favorite, Fusion Frenzy, and… what? Project Gotham 2??:,929/
Actually I bet he just worked on these. Did some code.

He also owns the rights to Tetris since the mid-nineties so every Tetris game since then has fed him some very deserved royalties.

Playing the other single player modes helps a lot, especially the timed attack ones. I went from 38k to 46949 after a bunch of one and three-minute sessions.

Damn, look at me giving Bub credit for Jim’s strategy. Hey, look at me giving Bub credit at all! That should have been the red flag for me. ;-)

Most of the puzzles after the 4x4 are pretty easy, once you get the hang of how to do them. I think I’ve reached the last one, where you somehow have to clear all the tiles off the board.

That gets my vote for funniest post of the week. :)

[size=2](Sadly, it’s funny cause it’s true.) [/size]

Mike and I have been talking about how Lumines will bomb pretty much all week. It’s a shame, but games that aren’t sports or big story-based productions seem to all bomb out anymore. It’ll probably do ok for a puzzle game, but it’s definitely not the reason people are buying PSP other than, um… Cathcart and about five other people.


The power of Mizuguchi compels you…

“Buy my game, assholes.”

“Helloooo Gaming-age!”


But again, the price has gone so high, how can Rez not be one of the greatest commercial successes ever in gaming?

Whatever happened to that $20 re-release, btw?


Took me awhile to be able to break 22-26k, kept averaging around there. Then I figured out it’s not about trying to stay alive, it’s all about trying to set up combo’s with out getting yourself killed. That and the whole square thing is for some reason hard to wrap my mind around. Curse you tetris!

But how much money is the publisher/developer seeing from the current über expensive copies? Using the term “commercial success” is a bit debatable here, I think…

Hmmm, intelligent puzzle game isn’t going to be a smash success compared to sports and lavish story-driven games? Wow, how unusual. Puzzles are such hot sellers everywhere else. You and Mike are like Kreskin or something! Sure, Tetris had its heyday but that day was when puzzle games actually were top o’ the line. Still, I disagree. I think Lumines will probably make a small profit. It couldn’t have been expensive to produce and word of mouth will sell it.

Tetris is the number one phone game btw, there’s still a market for this kind of game. But you’re right it won’t be a smash. You’re right, but that’s hardly a bold prediction. ;-)

PS: Is Lumines going to come out with a trance vibrator?

Nobody’s trying to make bold predictions, Bub, we were just talking about it. Less “wit” and more practice for you. New score 80771, up from 48k.

I hate the levels with the bubble blocks, like Just. It’s harder for me to look at than the more blocky levels. I like that disco track, though.

Dave is much more pessimistic about Lumines sales, I’m just non-optimistic.

I’m with you then Mike, I’m non-optimistic. And I really do need more practice. To the Lumine Cave!

OK, it looks like bad things can happen if you put the PSP in sleep mode in the middle of a game. Bad things like your new high score of 111k not being saved :( After my game it asked me if I wanted to load the configuration or something so I said yes. I think that was the wrong answer, because my score doesn’t show up. Anyway, 111k.