Nook HD and HD+ now extremely cheap w/unlocked content access

Sorry about the spammy-looking title, but somebody brought my attention to a ridiculous deal that’s currently going on at Barnes & Noble:
For a limited time of unknown duration (supposedly a Father’s Day deal that’s been extended) -

The Nook HD (7") is now $129
The Nook HD+ (9") is now $149 for the 16GB or $179 for the 32GB

In May, the unlocked the hardware to allow Android apps to work without reservation, including the Kindle app.

The speculation is that either there’s a new release coming out and they’re trying to clear stock or that they’re planning on getting out of the hardware business completely. Regardless, it seems like a heck of a nice deal.

This. It’s a very nice deal though. I like my hacked nook tablet and its worthwhile even if they get out the biz because they are so easy to root. (although not sure about the HD models)

The nook HD+ hardware is particularly nice, and is an amazing deal for the price-- it has a very high quality screen and a SDcard slot. You can put cyanogenmod on it. It’s like a somewhat slower, crappier, nexus 10 for 40% of the price.

B&N is getting out of the hardware business. They’re trying to spin off or sell their nook division.

Yeah, my friend picked up a Nook HD and is very happy with it. For $149 it was hard not to get one. I almost got one myself.

She’ll use it for reading ebooks and magazines, web browsing, email, and Facebook and little else. It’s great for those uses.

Yep, and now that it has the Google Play store, you don’t even really need to install Cyanogenmod. Really an amazing deal for a high resolution 9" tablet.

It was fun for a year or two, but no one in their right mind thought Barnes & Fucking Noble could slug it out with Apple, Google and Microsoft. B&N has one foot hovering over bankruptcy while those other companies are literally sitting on tens of billions.

Hmm, this is tempting. I was hoping to wait another product refresh or two to pick up a tablet, but I may have to grab this. When you say the hardware is now unlocked, does that mean I can do a full wipe and put whatever flavor of Android OS on it I want (since CM was mentioned, I assume yes)? Reviews seem to be in agreement that the hardware is solid but whatever B&N did to customize the OS makes it run suboptimally.

Since the May update, any Android app can now be installed.

Here’s an article on it.

They actually had strong hardware, and their android ripoff was easily equivalent to the shitty kindle android ripoff. They just didn’t have the marketing dollars.

I have Cyanogenmod on my nook tablet and I love it. I rooted with the SD so the stock rom is untouched. I like having the full Jellybean OS available.

For about one year the Nook represented the only cheap, small Android capable tablet in a market dominated by 500$ iPads and their Asus equivalents. It probably oversold B&N’s management on its viability when so many hackers bought it just to turn it into a stock Android tablet. Unfortunately both Google and Samsung decided to move on the 7" tablet space, and of course the iPad Mini came out, and no one with half a brain is going to invest in B&N ebooks over Amazon ebooks at the same price, and the book publishers aren’t going to undercut themselves on one minor digital distributor to spite another. For some bizarre reason Microsoft got into the Nook on some long-shot strategic whim that didn’t pan out but in doing so probably muddled what would should have been a cut-and-dry decision.

Your filthy ad got me to go check these out and now I have one. I have cyrogenmod running on it and it a really nice tablet for less than $200.

How’s video performance on this thing? Can you run HD video without it hitching all the time or burning up?

I haven’t used it, but essentially every tablet can do HD video if it’s H.264, because the GPU handles it.

Thanks for posting this thread. Yesterday the Nook was a dead entity to me but today as of one hour ago I own a 32 gb Nook HD+.

Well it didn’t take long to find they haven’t made it a fully open platform. I was trying to get Combat Mission (free app of the day at Amazon) but trying to install the Amazon store app gets a message saying that only apps from the Nook store are allowed. For “security” reasons of course.

So basically they’ve added the Google Play store but still block everything else. That’s a huge improvement over the walled garden but still disappointing.

I might be able to get it to work by rooting the device and perhaps going with a cyanogenmod. Not sure yet if I’ll go that far. I made installed the Kindle app off Google Play just in case they find some way in the future to block install of it.

What’s with these companies that think they still own a product after it’s been purchased by a customer?

Is there a checkbox in the settings somewhere where you can enable third-party APKs? Because that’s actually disabled by default even on genuinely you-own-it Nexus devices, for what are quasi-legit security reasons (you don’t want Your Mom™ accidentally downloading malware from the web and installing it because the punching monkey said to), so it might just be a simple switch you can flip.

If worse comes to worse, I’m pretty sure you can at least still sideload 3rd party apps (you could do that before the update, as well)
FYI - it looks like you need Puffin or Dolphin to run Amazon Instant Video content (they have integrated Flash)

No, they’re still playing silly idiots.

It’s one thing if you have to change a tickbox (in fact, I’ve yet to come across an Android device where I could sideload without activating said tickbox) versus a genuine walled garden.

You can sideload. It’s a long, convoluted way to do it, but you can indeed sideload from elsewhere. Also, there is a checkbox as mentioned (I believe it’s called “unknown sources”), but that’s for other stuff. Here’s the steps: