Nook HD and HD+ now extremely cheap w/unlocked content access

damn, i really want one now to load cyanogen on…no reason to go through that side-load hassle.

Cyrogenmod took 5-10 minutes to actually do. 30 minutes for me though since I read over everything 2-3 times just to make sure I wouldn’t mess anything up with the wall of text that was instructing me how to do it.

Thongsy, do you have a link to the steps you followed?


We just picked one up to use as a cheap Netflix and chrome tablet. Marathoned two seasons of weeds on it and posted this on qt3. No issues so far very pleased.

And… done.

Damn. Any American want to send one of these to Europe? :P

For tablets, yes.

So what’s the verdict on these HD+ Nooks? If I were to be in the market for a sub $160 tablet, is there anything else I should be looking at? Is there anything these Nooks are not good for? Are they easy to jailbreak? Is there a potential issue with future support?

And if I were getting one for a less technologically inclined family member, would I be better off getting them a Kindle HD 7"?

I got one. It’s pretty decent for a cheap tablet. It’s a little slow occasionally when I have too many tabs open in Chrome, but the screen is really bright and sharp and the CPU is sufficient. It appears to have full Google Play access, so there’s really no need for jailbreaking that I can see.

I use it mostly for ebooks and comics and a little Netflix streaming, and I’ve been playing a little Puzzle & Dragons. All work very well.

It’s no more complex than an android phone. So if they can handle that…

The question is if they’re an dedicated Amazon content user or not, really.

I had a real easy time following the instructions to jailbreak the one I got for my wife. In retrospect, she doesn’t really need any apps on it that required Jailbreaking, and she’s really happy with it. But just in case she ever does want to play some of the Humble Bundle games I installed on there, or when I borrow it from her to play them, then it’s there. Youtube videos were pretty nice in explaining how to do it.

We both love the tablet. I got the 10 inch HD+. It’s really cool for playing games. And I love it for Netflix streaming. I tried using it for reading books on the kindle app, and that’s just awkward for me though. I much prefer my phone for kindle reading, because it’s so much lighter and less bulky. I’ve never tried a 7 inch tablet though. Maybe a 7 inch is the perfect size for being bigger than a phone but less bulky than a 10 inch tablet, making it perfect for reading? I won’t know until I try one.