Nope - Jordan Peele's third horror joint

My man Steven Yeun getting a poster billing? Nice!

I saw a thread about this elsewhere and thought… What, a new Peele movie coming out today? And then I realized it was not today but a year from today. Sad face.

OK, that’s about the best movie name ever, I’m cracking up just thinking about it. ‘Hey Jordan, what’s your next movie gonna be?’
‘Geez, don’t have to be a dick about it.’

The world doesn’t have enough PBF links. Well played.

I hope it’s a movie in which POC “nope” out of some horror situation while the usual victims grab flashlights, follow blood trails into spooky barns and basements, and split up to search for answers.

I swear I’ve seen a standup or sketch bit about exactly that. Where the black folks are all wondering wtf is wrong with all the white people doing all this wack shit that is for sure going to get them killed. Good stuff.

Are you remembering this Eddie Murphy bit? I think it was the origin for the title of Get Out as well.

Been awhile since I’ve seen that clip. So funny.

Man he’s so good. That’s probably what I was thinking of, yeah.

With a higher resolution source, the “now that’s a hint and a half for your ass” line would make a good reaction gif, if people are even still doing those.

“The kid was only six years old, they couldn’t have been too attached to her.” :D

I was kind of meh on both Get Out and Us.

Third times a charm?


I misread this thread title as “Jordan Peterson’s third horror joint”

Just a few seconds at the end w/ moments from NOPE.

It’s a teaser, the trailer will be during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Honestly that’s not even worth watching.

Well it literally says teaser on the YouTube header.

Also, I think 30 seconds for 3 seconds from the new movie, and the joy of hearing the Us theme music is well worth it.

So Catherine Keener as a witch again?

Saw the brief trailer last night during Olympic Curling. I had forgotten about it. Now I’d like to forget again until mid July. Get Out remains one of my favorite movies of all time.