North Korea exposes life in the USA

I couldn’t decide whether this should be posted in Politics and Religion but decided it barely qualifies for serious political discussion so I took a chance. If someone thinks it should be moved, feel free… but it was just too good to not post.

North Korea exposes life in the USA

I had no idea I lived in such a frozen wasteland. I guess I should leave my tent more often.

That was great Hansey!


“You’ll see there are no birds. They’ve been eaten by the people who live in these tents and corridors. This man awaits heroin.”

I’m still awaiting it! The bastards promised me heroin!

Oh well, snow coffee it is.

Damnit, the roof is falling in on my tent! How the hell am I going to post on the Internet with my tent walls collapsing?!?

I just noticed this video was previously posted in the NK thread in the politics forum… sorry for the repost. Though it needed wider exposure anyway. ;)

I could make a better anti-American propaganda ad, and I wouldn’t even have to lie to do it. Any 15 minute clip of the Toddlers in Tiaras would do.

The Cold, The Lonely, and The Homosexual is an awesome daytime soap! Also, here in the desert we get no snow, so we must make our coffee out of pigeon pee. Before eating the pigeons of course.


So, was this exclusively filmed in green bay?

But all your pidgeons are scheduled to be eaten Tuesday! What will you do for coffee in the latter part of the week? Perhaps the DPRK camera crews can donate some snow.

I really like how they started to show clips for European cities and noted that American cities are often disguised to look like foreign countries. Probably to throw off spies, I guess?

God damn but do I love pidgeon Tuesday.

I have a hard time believing that’s real propaganda. That’s some comedy group with the voice over… right?

Birds, why not rats? I love some rat with snow coffee. We have it once a month.

You damn 1%ers and your monthly feasts.

You bastards! Hoarding rats!

Hey, I am famous, they featured my neighborhood in this movie!

I hope you didn’t know the guys in the blue bodybags. :(