Northern Exposure finally coming to DVD

The 1st season of Northern Exposure is being released on DVD at long last. I’m psyched. This was my all-time favorite TV drama (until Rob Morrow’s departure, anyway). Folks interested in ordering it should remember that the show debuted as a summer replacement, so the first season is only six episodes long. Here’s a link to the Amazon pre-order:

Northern Exposure is my favorite Television show ever, of any type. Its more accurately described as a drama/comedy. Awesome show… I’ll be renting the DVDs.

I believe you meant to call it a “dramady”. I forgive you for your mistake.

Yes, it’s a “dramedy.” I just called it a drama since that’s the category it won its Emmy’s under. Either way, it was sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, sometimes philosophical, etc etc etc. More than any show I’ve ever watched, it captured the range of the human experience. I wish I could live in Cicely.

I watched the pilot on Amazon Prime, and I liked it, with some caveats.


  • I like the casual misogyny towards Janine Turner’s character, combined with Rob Morrow’s natural charm to keep us from disliking the character too much while giving him a LOT of room to grow over the course of the show.


  • I was disappointed by the lack of establishing shots in Alaska or somewhere with grand scenery. I know the show probably can’t afford to film there but at least give us a sense of place by sending a film crew there and use a few establishing shots.

  • I was left confused by the opening in the airplane. I wonder what his fellow passenger was thinking? He somehow knew Rob Morrow wouldn’t end up in Anchorage?

Hey I started watching this on Prime also!

Only 5 episodes in but I am liking it. So nice to have a show without cell phones or computers everywhere.

I’m binging it pretty hard too. I’ve already seen 3 episodes in 8 days! Very fast for me.

I’m starting to really like Rob Morrow’s character. He’s so much more charming than the straight-laced character he played in Num-Three-Rs.

The show continues to not have much Alaskan scenery, but we got to see a little bit of nice scenery in airplane footage in episode 3!

Half way into season 2, the show really has found its footing and I am liking aspects of all the characters now.

Janine Turner on this show looked familiar and so I looked her up on IMDB, she was in Cliffhanger!

I had a huge crush on her.

S1 Episode 4 was very weird. I think that was the point of it? Holling leaves Shelly at the alter after discovering she was pregnant, and then the surprise was that it wasn’t the expected age difference between them, since he’s about 40 years older than her, instead it was that men in his family live to 110 or so, and women in his family die around age 40, leaving the men lonely the rest of their lives. So he didn’t want to be left alone in 20 odd years in his 80s.. So weird, but ok. Kind of funny. It got a laugh from me. But then at the end of the episode, he refuses to marry her again, for some reason that’s not explained which just left me very confused by the whole thing.

Yeah a few of the episodes in season 1 felt “off” in terms of a cohesive story during the episode, also anything that involves a flashback or dream sequence has been strange. :smiley:

Starting off I figured I’d like the two leads (Maggie and Joel) the most on the show, but its turned out that Maurice and Chris are the ones with stories I enjoy the most.

Woah, is S1 Episode 5 a soft reboot of the show’s format? Suddenly Rob Morrow is doing a voice over, like he’s the narrator of the show. And his patient is the same mysterious guy who was on the plane with him in the opening scene of the pilot episode.

Naw , weird stuff like that just happens, wait till you get into season 2.

Finished season 2 , this remains a fun show to watch just because its so different.

How are you watching it so fast? Are you secretly watching it at work? :)

Adam was always my favorite character.

2 episodes a night, usually at dinner time and before bed. :slight_smile:

You will probably catch up to me before I start season 3, as my homework and final project for school is going to start picking up pace next week.

He is intense, he is like the inspiration for THE BEAR. :smiley:

Except when he’s a total goofball.

Damn another wonderful show out of reach here. It was broadcast subbed on some minor cable tv channel in the middle of the night in my country. Probably never to reach our shores ever again, as the DVDs never made it here either.
Enjoy it and the confusion while it lasts Rocketmonkey, and dont forget to drop off before the final season.

I just picked this up at my library.