Northland (aka Cultures 3)

I have been playing this demo and holy crrrrap there is a lot going on. Before I ramble on, has anyone else tried it? I am really digging it.

It has all the people management of the Settlers series, but with a quirky Sims twist. Add in a little RPG action, modest amounts of equipment for workers and soldiers alike, magic items, and a fuckton of other little dealies to handle and what you have is…well…a lotta shit to do.

I did not like the Settlers series too much and only played the Cultures I demo. I thought it had some interesting ideas, but they needed some hammering out. This is another German made, micromanaging nightmare, but one I am enjoying. Now if only GoGamer will jump in with this Europe only (US date TBA) game, I can make use of the Qt3 banner ads, finally.

I liked the last Cultures game quite a bit, even more than this number lets on.

I wonder what’s different this time. It seems like it could just be an expansion pack for Cultures 2 that just adds some more single player missions.


Ooooh great!!! A Gamepot 7.5 “good” rating. Now I will have to read it to find out what you really thought. :wink:

I am not sure why I skipped on trying CII. Probably other games to be played. Since you have loads of time and all you do is play games all day, why don’t you give the demo a try. Meanwhile, I will go read your CII review and see if it sounds identical to what I have been playing the last few nights. Then I will tell you how your score was wrong and what you need to petition Gamespot to change it to as your 7.5 brought down the Gamerankings average to a level where no one wanted to play it.

EDIT: From the pics, it looks like the same game. :shock:

You will all be happy to know this is available at all the usual suspect download avenues. A mere 7+ years after I began my search.

It seems like every 6 years or so this thread needs a bump. I just fired up the next game in the series 8th Wonder of the World.

The game does have its charms and there is a rewarding feeling getting different professions up and running, but there is a bit too much clunkiness I think for me to play much more. My carriers don’t want to use their carts unless I manually move them to the location to pick up the goods. I’ve had some problems trading overseas. There is a lot of micro to be sure.

I played around more on the 2nd campaign map and figured out how to transfer goods around a little better. Still a bit clunky though. I like the basic building for the most part, but I’m not crazy about the tasks that require the player to search the map. I need to find the missing plans to complete the hanging gardens - not sure if I’m going to do it though. I got my dollar or two’s worth of entertainment from these.

I don’t know why there aren’t many games similar to this series or the Settlers series. I guess people that would make these are making Dwarf Fortress, Rim World and their ilk.

Yeah, even the recent Clockwork Empires, which I’d hoped was a Settlers-alike based on some really early coverage I read ages ago, is heavily infused with DF-inspired mechanics. D’oh :(