Norton AV vs McAfee vs Everyone Else

So my subscription for Norton’s AV is about to expire. I also have access to McAfee for free through my ISP. Is Norton’s worth paying for again, or should I use McAfee, or some other anti-virus option out there?


Avira is nice, lightweight, good at just AV and free

School provides McAfee for free. Never had a problem with it.

I like AVG.
I use Avast.

I’ve started to uninstall AVG and purchase copies of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, with full protection. The reason being that all I seem to see for infections these days is Vundo/Virtumonde, and AVG doesn’t stop that.

Additionally, I’ve begun installing Privoxy everywhere, as banner advertisements are becoming horrible carriers – particularly when you’ve got a boss who visits sites where he’s vulnerable to that sort of thing.


Avast user here. Free is good.

ESET’s Nod32, and Sunbelt’s Vipre are both good, lightweight apps. I actively avoid McAfee and Norton.

To be honest, I’ve heard that Symantec really turned their act around w/ the 2009 release of their Norton software, but I can’t go there after witnessing all those years of abuse.

Another vote for Avast.

I’ve been using Norton products for years and the 2009 version is certainly the first time I felt that they made some changes to the better. Experiences seem to vary wildly, though (as evidenced by replies above). All I can say is that I’ve never experienced any issues with Norton other than disappointment over a lack of improvements (until 2009).

I use sensible browsing, a firewall, a non-admin account and a non-dominant browser (Chrome!). Thus far, my computer has been entirely untouched by viruses.

I’ll never buy a norton product ever again. Get nod32 or kaspersky.

Agree with Stusser. I have NOD32 on one PC and Kaspersky on another. They both work really well. I had an incident with Kaspersky reporting a false positive, but that was a while ago.

You can usually find the OEM edition of NOD32 dirt cheap.

Anything but Norton or McAffee. Anything.

Personally, I’ve been very happy with Comodo for both firewall and AV.

Avast for me - never had a problem with it, and the one time my girlfriend clicked a dodgy spyware, trojan and rootkit-infested fake youtube video on my pc it did a fine job helping me clear out the mess (supplemented by the usual anti-spyware software blitzkrieg and manual registry editing, of course).

Probably the best advice you are going to get in this thread.

A couple of years ago, I would have agreed with you. However, now, there are so many possible infection vectors that I don’t think its entirely prudent to run without AV.