Nosce te ipsum: Q3 location poll, 2008

After recent active discussions about which demographic groups Q3 forum members belong to, I’ve decided to put together several simple polls to check mine and other people theories regarding “Who we are?” (as a group).

Please vote. (Feel free to post as well if you like)

Canada demands their own entry.

So does Georgia. We’re at least as good as Canada.

Good to have low standards. Easy to surpass them, that way.

Just shut up and pick the USA option like a good American.

That goes for the English too.

Interesting. Although, as expected, most of the local forum population is from USA, the results are more geographically diverse that I would have guessed.

The poll is anonymous, as promised. But I am curious - who are our forum members from “Middle East” and from “Russia and ex-USSR” regions, if I could ask?

What about Africa?


Duh. Now that should definitely be there. My mistake.

(Altough Africa is not exactly a home turf of videogames, and not a single poster have complained about it for 3 days after all until you have pointed it out. But still it is certainly an omission. I would add it to the poll if I could. Sorry about it Brendan)

Take a look at Brendan’s location, then go look up where Cape Town is :)

Yeah, I’ve noticed that he is from Cape Town, and was editing my post. :( But you have beat me to it by a minute, damnit.

Anyway, I have admited it was a mistake on my part in both pre-edited version (in the portion that you didn’t quote) and in post-edited version of my reply.

raises hand Ex-USSR region here.

No worries. I’m just winding you up. I think there are just two of us anyway.