Nosgoth for Steam

Picked this up with the 50% off Steam Sale and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a Square Enix gmae that will eventually be F2P, but the packs are 50% off right now and give 100% cash value in currency plus other bonuses as well as access to closed beta.

It’s a third person shooter with humans vs vampires set in the Legacy of Kain universe. Overall feel is very good so far, responsive and decent hit detection. Playing the first vampire class gives a feel similar to playing as an alien in Aliens vs Predator imo. They can climb up walls and pounce long distances. Looks like they have avoided all P2W aspects completely thankfully. Cash just buys things more quickly and skins, and you earn money at a fair rate anyway. You also get some skins and items at various levelling milestones. You can pay to unlock classes early, but you also get a class token every 5 levels so you get them eventually for free.

Overall I’m very glad I too the chance and can recommend to anyone that enjoys a faster paced shooter with a unique feel. There is quite a bit of customization for each class with more on the way.

Just be careful, if you buy one pack or get a free beta invite, Steam gets confused on the packs and you can’t upgrade later. I made that mistake. :( bought the cheap pack when it was 75% off then realized how good the game was and wanted the pack with more stuff and now it’s sitting in my inventory with me unable to open it since it’s flagged as the game and not DLC. Thankfully I’ve been told Steam will fix this eventually, just waiting on my ticket.

tldr: game good, buy it, buy the $50 pack for $25 if you’re interested, because you can’t upgrade later through steam with discount. (you can upgrade through them, but no discount)

Here’s some gameplay footage of me fumbling about


I made lots of mistakes, but you can see how it plays overall. I have shadows turned off, but otherwise am on pretty high settings.

I got a key on the steam forums from some guy that got the Immortal foundrs pack. I will give it a try and then decide if I want to get one of the founders packs. :p

The guy has 5 keys left as of this posting.

I played for a short while, but it didn’t bite.

I see what you did there

I think I can wait until it’s free to try…

I picked up the $4.99 pack on Steam this weekend and gave it a run. I think it’s really fun bit of chaos. I’ll definitely be putting more time in.

Also Greenman is currently selling the $20 pack for $5, this includes access and $20 of money in-game along with some other benefits.

I’ve played several matches and hit level 5 last night. I have to say that this is really turning out to be a ton of fun so far. The human and vampire sides play so differently that I’m finding it hard to choose which side I like better. The solo matchmaking works well but trying to group up with friends is still pretty janky, so hopefully they’ll get that fixed up soon. One thing I’d pass on to folks jumping in is that the game gives you a class unlock token every 5 levels, so I wouldn’t bother spending any money/runestones on class unlocks.

been streaming a bit, up to level 17 and still loving the game. There’s quite a high skill cap and the game fluctuates on the way up to that on whether humans or vamps tend to win. Quite fun.

Humans have the innate disadvantage of being a bit underpowered in 1v1 situations most of the time. When combined with having to run back to the group if you die it can snowball. I’ve taken the faster sprint perk for humans to minimize time away from the group and it’s paid off.

Some Sentinel gameplay where I didn’t do terribly


That knockdown and takeoff combo seems pretty awesome. Sentinel does a great job at splitting up the humans, which makes the vamps job much easier. I’m still only level 5, but I got distracted by my lovely Steam summer sale trove of goodies.

I have 3 beta keys if anyone wants , PM me. 1 per person.

Don’t be new (joined this month) or a bot.

one key remaining

I keep meaning to get back to this, but PvZ Garden Warfare has taken over as my TPS of choice lately. I really hope these guys can come up with some new game modes. The 4v4 is really fun, but it needs some variety.

there already is another mode (still 4v4) but nobody plays it because nobody plays it.

Double XP weekend.

To celebrate our FREE WEEKEND which is taking place between 7th -10th August, we are rewarding everyone who plays during the promotion with Double XP plus giving players an Exclusive Badge!

But that’s not all, we will also be offering 25% off all Founders Packs alongside this epic weekend.

Come and join us in what promises to be a fantastic few days in the brutal realm of Nosgoth!


It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must announce the end of Nosgoth’s development. Servers will continue to run until 31st May 2016, during which time you will be able to play the game as normal. After that date, Nosgoth will be taken offline for the last time.

That’s too bad. The game was fun, but there was just something missing that didn’t make it really compelling in the long run.

Yeah this game wasn’t bad. Psyonix are more than fine still though with Rocket League.

I figured as much, most of my friends who tried it eventually ended up just like me, not being interested after 2 hours.

I wonder how many more of these f2p games will die off. The player base that likes these type of games isn’t big enough to support them all.

I loved the art style and feel of combat, it just was missing something.