Nostalgia, Gaming, and You!

I’ve been busy collecting over the last couple months. Time for an update…



I forgot I had Granada and Contra earlier in the year so they ended up in the pic with the Wii U Pro Controller. I had never bought one of those and didn’t want to be looking all over for them down the road. When I found one in great condition for a nice price recently I dove in. There is a Dot Matrix Game Boy in that pristine box in the original styrofoam. It also came with Tetris. It’s very nice. I will get some pix of the unit soon.

World of Illusion is in excellent condition with the hang tab and the manual. It’s an easy game, but it’s beautiful to look at. Elemental Master cost me about as much as it would have when it was released in 1993. That’s a bit rare. The cart is in excellent condition though except for a bit of a label tear there on the right. Shadowrun is my favorite game in that setting. The one I bought has no manual so I need to track that down to make it complete, but I was very happy to be able to play that again. I had only ever rented it many years ago (1994-95) but played the hell out of it. It was about 60% of the original $49.99 price sans manual. One of those games I doubt you’ll ever see ported anywhere ever.


I bought these in April and they’re unique because they came from GAMESTOP of all places! I decided to take a flier on their used SNES stock to see what I’d get. They were running a sale that weekend and I think I got at least 20% off which meant both carts were less than their ebay values by a little bit. I can confirm they are original and in excellent condition. If you don’t mind cart only, Gamestop online is an option.

@Left_Empty I bought the Virtua Racing Sega Ages release and it’s superb. I adore it. Did you see they even added a three screen stacked mode that works vertical? Insane! I love M2 and what they do for Retro. I have my Sega Genesis Mini pre-ordered and it’s mainly because M2 and Yuzo Koshiro are going to make that device a labor of love like these Sega Ages releases have been.

Also, for those interested, I’ll probably pre-order one of these, too…

It’s a Turbografx 16 Mini and it will have both US and Japanese releases that equate to 50 games. Coming out in 2020 but with a pre-order date of July 15 apparently and only through Amazon. Early pre-orders are Prime only which is weird, but I have it so whatever.

While I still enjoy many modern games, we live in heady times for retro gaming. It’s great.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Fair brought a tear to my eye as I spent a lot of time on those cabinets as a little kid.

Played some Elemental Master on Sunday night. Pics via phone on original hardware through the RetroTINK-2x and Component output.






It’s my favourite Megadrive shooter: Thunderforce but in vertical with melodramatic cutscenes back when those were rare, and the best soundtrack from Toshiharu Yamanishi (far superior to his works on Thunderforce 3 in my opinion, where Tomomi Otani totally steals the show).
Also super satisfying Kamehameha.

Edit: and forgot to reply about Virtua Racing, ha ha. It’s got a vertical two player modes (even a cocktail one, where I think you can theorically play with the Switch with its joycons lying, and each player facing the other), not sure about three players, I don’t have enough friends!

Edit edit: bonus pic from my Japanese cartridge, which I found while cleaning my father’s place the other day. It’s one of those very few Megadrive games I didn’t sell for some reason, alongside Starflight (hey @BrianRubin), Herzog Zwei and the port of Strider.

Man I haven’t ever been able to find a port or emulation or collection of Herzog Zwei. That was one of the all the classics. It, as far as I know, was the first real time strategy game.

It’s never been reissued anywhere but you are in luck if you have a Switch because it’s coming to the Sega Ages lineup!

These are the best ports you’ll probably ever see. Hopefully it makes it out in 2019.

This is mindblowing:

Originally developed by Technosoft - the talent behind the Thunderforce series - this single-player [sic] real-time strategy game will receive online support in the Switch release.

This is absolutely crucial to me, and why I haven’t been able to enjoy the game properly for almost 30 (!) years.

First, I was wondering why Thunderforce was published in the Sega Ages, but it seems that Sega got hold of the Tecnosoft catalogue, which is very fine by me if they receive this treatment!
Herzog Zwei was part of my first contact with the Japanese language: we were about 12 years old at the time, and a friend whose father was some aerospatial engineer and was feeling guilty for not being much home was bringing him back all sort of wacky things. He went to a trip to Japan and brought back the then just released Sega Megadrive, with a bunch of games and some dedicated magazine. There was Kujakuo if I remember, some terrible platformer based on Osomatsukun, Thunder Force 2, some terrible Hydlide game, and Herzog Zwei. Hydlide was weird in its own right but totally cryptic (turns out it was also a bad game). Herzog Zwei was beyond weird (you bet it was, it was from a genre we didn’t know existed!), but it had the advantage of not featuring any weird local characters in the game itself, being all icon-based. The manual was puzzling. Eventually we figured it out… and the competition got hot. So incredibly hot. It’s absolutely a twitch and reflex based game, but so many epic battles were fought. I especially remember a crazy fight for the infamous bridge just south of the base in the top left corner of the first map. We were also reaching units max counts pretty frequently, and actually saving some spot for some emergency units knowing the limit. I wonder, and secretly hope, M2 is able to push those boundaries!

Anyway the sad thing is my arch nemesis and then best friend with whom we played the most fantastic Herzog Zwei games decided to become a girl trashing jerkwad of an hormon bomb. I was left without true rival.

I remember being puzzled for a long time by two icons (the “small” flag and “big” flag ones). When I finally got my own console, and bought the English version of the game, I got the answer: one was prioritising aggression against the enemies units, the other prioritising taking over a base. We had developped somewhat a sense it might have been that, but it was nice to have confirmation.

Got my M30 today. I was a bit wary it might be Megadrive sized, but was very pleased it was Saturn’s. The weight is right and I just played Thunder Force IV on the Switch, it felt so great! I am hoping La-Mulana 2 will work nicely with it.
I am facing a problem on my Mac though: I was playing emulators using an old xbox gamepad, and it felt… fine, I guess. I tried the M30… and the d-pad is so tight, it made the feeling of latency unbearable!
Edit: I forgot the most basic — thank you for the recommandation, @DaveLong!

This weekend is the annual Cleveland Classic Console and Arcade Games show. A bunch of vendors, local and otherwise set up shop at an indoor soccerplex to buy/sell/trade and check off boxes on their collections. In years past I’ve had specific things to buy in mind but this year I’m pretty happy with my collection and mostly going for the spectacle. Plan to check out the latest advances in retro gaming - I’ve heard there’s a new IPS screen for the Game Boy Advance that looks amazing aside from some screen tearing - and maybe buy some merch.

Yeah, the Herzog Zwei news is amazing. The best is that M2 does all these ports so you know it will play just like the original. Sega acquired the catalog in 2016 although I think they were after it as early as 2006.

You’re welcome on the M30! It’s awesome. Best d-pad you can find on a modern controller. It is heavenly.

@LockerK $10 admission is tremendous for that show! Take some pics! I hope you find some cool stuff. :)

Sooooo… I just got one of these…

…for $63.52 in an Amazon Lightning Deal.

It works wonder in La-Mulana 2. I also totally bested my best run in Downwell — which was arguably horrible —, and I don’t think that was because I suddenly became good 6 months after my last try ;)

I am bit out of the loop: is there any way in any store regions or physical cartridge means to play some Nintendo SNES titles (I am thinking Super Metroid, specifically) on the Switch? I know there is a Sega Genesis collection on the US store (which I suspect is the same as one available on Steam).

There are no SNES games available in any way on Switch right now.

SNES Classic was the option for that from Nintendo in the recent past. Wii U still has the Virtual Console with a strong lineup for SNES of course and New Nintendo 3DS as well.

That SEGA Genesis Collection is the same as the Steam one, yes.

Very cool on La-Mulana 2 and Downwell! That controller is definitely something that can improve play, especially over any Xbox controller including the One. That d-pad is just perfect. It makes me really happy to play any videogame while holding it.

Aw, dang. Sold out!

I was hesitant because of cost on the NG Mini, but at that price, I would definitely bite.

The JPN one (different game list) is up now for $87. That might be a better list of games too.

It’s more fighting focused… both systems have plusses and minuses among the games list.

Dang it seems I would want (if I was living in the US, ha!) the US one, as it features my beloved Ninja Commando while the other one with its 14 extra games does not.

Thanks for the answer about the SNES by the way. I hope they do something in the vein of their Famicom games eventually. I have been really enjoying the dedicated ease of use of the Sega Ages and that Online thing, and it’s only improved with a better pad ;)

Ninja Commando is on the JPN one, not the US one. It was one of the few games that might have tipped me over into the JPN. I’m happy to just get one and having the controllers at $64 was a steal.

FWIW I got waitlisted and got the notification that it was available within 10 minutes.

I should have thought better than trusting a random web listing!

This customer review sums it up well.

Very cool listing! And those exclusives are just heartbreaking.
Ninja Commando or Last Resort? KOF94 or Magician Lord?
This is just pure evil!