Nostalgia, Gaming, and You!

You know what the biggest tragedy is? I had no idea Colony Wars could use the analog sticks until today.

I’d have to fall down a rabbit hole to find the model number but one of the fat ones is more sought after than all others and I think it has to do with the picture quality it outputs.

So yes, there is one that’s “better” than the others. Also. I think PS1 games look better on the thick ones than the slims. Another rabbit hole you can enjoy but I’m not gonna look it up right now.

C’mon man!

Hey when I tried it it only worked with the D-Pad! I didn’t know about what the stupid Analog button did.

This is very exciting. Also announced today alongside their new Apple Arcade game. This is coming to consoles…

Nice. That looks like the rare bullet hell shooter where the player is the cause of the bullet hell, not the enemies.

This arrived today…

…and it is glorious!

The production quality is insanely good. Disc 2 is like the soundtrack of my life for a certain period of time. Lots of love went into making this and it was worth the one month wait for it to arrive from Japan. Amazing.

Resident retro guy again… I thought a few of you might enjoy this…

My Sega CDX which has been my primary Genesis and Sega CD for years now is out for repairs and the CD drive in it needs replacing now too. It’s waiting on a delivery from Hong Kong so it’ll be awhile.

In the meantime, I have wanted to play my Sega CD games so I decided to fill the hole in my Sega hardware collection with a Model 2 Genesis and Sega CD!

I got a nice price and it’s a single owner system so in excellent condition. Will be putting on the 32X and have a true tower of power up and running!


Thanks! I had to basically go dumpster diving in my own basement to find the power supply for the 32X since it’s been a long time since I’ve had it hooked up. 20 years in the same place can be brutal that way after raising three kids.

Just discovered this 2011 interview with Sandy White, author of the glorious Spectrum title Ant Attack. Appears to have written the Assembly in his head :)

Amused he used to go into John Menzies on Princes St in Edinburgh and spread out the cassettes of his game. That’s probably where I bought it :)

Dreamcast. 22 years old today. Still great.

I still love my Armada machine. ;)

Hear, hear. Wish I hadn’t sold my maracas and broadband adapter.

On Monday, Wario64 posted that you could order a Sega Astro City Mini from Amazon Japan for about $100 shipped. These had a US release but were sold out in seconds. I was like, “Will that really work? They won’t just send it to America right?”

Turns out they will, in three days time…

I ordered Monday. DHL said Friday. They actually had it on a truck on Thursday! The guy couldn’t make it so it arrived Friday. I was and still am floored.

It’s a gorgeous little device. I have stuff going on today but plan to fire it up tonight. One of the games, Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder, is not available anywhere else.

Amazon Japan. If you want imports and don’t mind the shipping fee (It was like $15 to ship I think?) then it is excellent.

That’s pretty cool, but I’m more interested in the upcoming Egret II Mini with a few dozen Taito arcade classics and a rotating display. Hopefully importing one of those ends up being viable, because it’s not planned for an international release and the game list is just absurd if you like Taito games.

If they don’t have that on Amazon Japan at release then you will likely be able to order from Play-Asia. I use them for imports as well.

Here it is…


The issue was the absurd shipping price, which still seems to be an issue for the bundle kits - the version that includes the trackball & paddle add-on wants something like $250 for shipping.

The joystick is supposed to be pretty good on those? Curious how playable it actually is.

I’m sending the wife and Kid to Japan for 14 days in June. I can’t make it for reasons it but I’m funding it and expect gifts for my troubles.

You all get your list ready…so that I can copy it. :)