Nostalgic for X-Wing and Tie Fighter

I haven’t played it yet, but Galaxy on Fire for iPhone seems like something space sim fans should check out. The sequel comes out this month.

If you’re a super huge fan of the games. I’d look into the Strategy Guides. They were tomes, filled with stats, feature original artwork, and written in the style of novels. It also makes you appreciate how much of a puzzle these missions can be.

I still have my X-Wing vs TIE Fighter CDs. Man, I wish that game worked on modern PCs. Or that I had a joystick that would work with a PC…

Yeah, I still have my TIE Fighter Collection guide that was basically a novel about your character’s career that happened to have strategies for each mission in narrative form.

As I recall, the guide to Wasteland was similar, telling a full story about the game from start to finish, complete with characters and some dialogue. I even remember being kind of sad when one of them got killed near the end.

Oohh, now I wanna look into these. Are these the ones y’all are talking about?

Tie Fighter



I have the X-Wing guide, picked it up with the CD at HPB for a song many moons ago.

Great read. The X-W and TF games work fine in DOSBox with some tweaking, and yes, you need a joystick.

Reminder to those who have seemed to forget this, though: these games can be hard, and I believe can easily chew up and spit out most modern gamers. Not everything is twitch skills; the mission designers were also glad to exercise your situation awareness abilities, not something that happens a lot these days.


If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, you are a broken human being and/or Tom Chick.

I’m pretty sure the X-Wing games are actually why I hate escort missions. But I still want to play them again.

Yeah, I prefer the original DOS versions for the iMuse music, which is sooooo much better than the use of redbook music in the Win95 editions. They work great on DOSBox too. :)

And oh yes, I’ve not forgotten how difficult these games can be.

I totally got goosebumps, AND chills. Well remembered!

For me, the Wing Commander games made me hate escort missions, but these games just magnified that hatred many fold.

That mission where you had to protect the medical frigate was such an incredible pain in the ass that it got written into the EU X-Wing novels as an irritating training sim.

Which amused me at the time.

K, that’s funny right there.

IIRC, they made that mission easier in the Win95 collector’s edition.


crawls into a fetal position, convulses widely

My one play through where I got all the Secret mission objectives in Tie Fighter cured me of any desire to complete any modern day Achievements.

Trying to get every bonus and secret objective was brutal. Nothing like f’ing up for the 10th time in minute 44 of a mission, and having to load it up again to get that stupid medal in the end.

I cut my PC teeth on the Wing Commander games and X-Wing/Tie-Fighter series. I bought a sound card, quite the extravagance, especially for X-Wing.

I did find the puzzle aspect of the X-Wing stuff a bit frustrating, but it was mostly just awesome. Star Wars, at the time, was still wrapped in the warm glow of nostalgia. I have X-Wing Alliance here and keep thinking about installing it and trying some of the mod stuff, but that game never really captured my heart like the original X-Wing and TIE-Fighter.

I did install Freespace 2 and the open source mod the other day, and played through a few missions. It holds up really well. My favorite part of the Freepspace games was taking down a capital ship, trying to get out of the blast radius with my shields barely hanging together. However, I’m a bit worried about performance on my middling system with the open source mod; I tried one of the “Big Battle” quick scenarios and the fps was like 15. I’m hoping that the campaign stuff isn’t so demanding (never thought I’d say that about a game that’s over a decade old).

I never did get past that mission. And since I couldn’t figure out how to back up my pilot file, I usually failed the mission and then had to start the game over from scratch. Or maybe missions before that mission sometimes. God, having your pilot killed or captured was so hardcore. Such a harsh game. Making you start over from the beginning. Who at Lucasarts thought that was such a cool feature?

Wait, what? My recollection was that dying only damaged your score, not your campaign progress.

Oh man, I never would have completed X-wing if I hadn’t backed up my pilot file regularly. I’m quite certain I would have quit in disgust had I gotten late into the campaign and died after I crashed into a missile boat, which I did with depressing regularity.

Maybe they changed it in the Win95 version or something, but in the original version of X-wing, if your pilot either died or was captured, then there was nothing you could do with that pilot anymore. So you had to create a new pilot and start the campaign over.