NOT computer: Fix Canon auto-lens cover?

Enough with the damn computer, it’s somewhat stable now. Thanks for putting up with (e.g. not flaming the living shit out of me about) all my techno-emo.

So we have a Canon Powershot A700 like many many other people. Great camera. Got 2GB of memory in there and we are perfectly happy.

Problem is that last weekend or so, the little shutter that covers the lens (that closes when you turn the camera off, and that opens when you turn the camera on in “take pictures now” mode) stopped closing. It’s stuck open, basically.

I could go in there with micro-pliers and fuck around, but I’d rather ask first: 1) is fucking around with it likely to do more harm than good? 2) where do you take these to get serviced anyway? I bought it at a Frye’s a couple of years ago, it’s way out of warranty now…

Edit: Sigh, they want me to mail it to fucking Illinois. Any better options?!

If micro-pliers are your first inclination, I’d say take it to a repair shop (many dedicated camera shops can handle this) so they can disassemble, clean it and lubricate it for you :)

Hopefully that’s all there is to it, though it could be a broken mechanism, etc. Yanking on the door is not a good idea – you are likely to either damage it further or force it into a less convenient broken position.

IIRC Canon will charge you around 90 bucks or so to fix it out of warranty.