Not just a world, a Warworld

Demo is out. Kind of a cross of Unreal Tounament with Mech Assault.
Not bad for a budget title.

Cool! I saw this when it was first shown on Eurogamer last year. This is the one from ex-Rare folks. Looked good back then and looks good now. I’m downloading the demo as I type this. It’s only budget in price. The folks involved aren’t chumps.


Wow, the graphics look really great. A definate improvement over T:V (which looks like a similar title). Very interesting indeed.

Indeed. They’re a good bunch. They’ve been soliciting the customers/fans as to where they should go with the gameplay. As it is now it only has a very basic DM for online play (and a rather large amount of bot matches for SP) so people are posting suggestions and the Third Wave guys are responding. Theres also a lot of talk amongst the fans asking to slow the game down somewhat so they plan on releasing some tools to allow mods & new maps.

The price ($25) is a little high for the minimal content you get presently but if they continue supporting it as they currently are then it should be well worth it.

Yeah, it looks and runs great. I was pretty impressed with the graphics especially where it was only a 120mb download.

The demo shows promise, but I’d like to see some more variety in weapon types. Maybe there is more in the full game. I’d also love location based damage. The developers seem pretty intent on heeding suggestions/feedback on their forums too.

Here’s a Bullet point from the website about the game:[ul] The upgrades to the game will be driven by the people who buy the game. You the player can tell us what you think should be added to War World in the Community forums. Some of the first additions we are considering are additional environments, additional weapon types, and additional gameplay features. You decide how War World moves forward.[/ul] I think what you get in the demo is what you get in the full game weapon-wise. Theres Miniguns, Lasers, Missles, Mortars, mines, energy shields and several different jump/sprint/strafe jets. Each weapon type has approx 5 to 8 upgrades.

EDIT: I have no idea why these fonts post-list are “large”.

The demo didn’t do it for me. It feels like Unreal Tournament modded with mech skins and weapons. Mech customization is nice, but doesn’t add a great deal of depth or variety. Movement, feel, and physics are completely generic “fast paced shooter” milieu/fodder, just like, well, pretty much everything else in this demo. Doubt the full product changes that. Gotta pass on this one.

That seemed kind of neat, but all the multiplayer games I could find were set to effectively unlimited cash. I suppose that’s okay, but I don’t see why they even pretend to make money a consideration in the game.

Smells like Heavy Gear II. Downloading demo now to confirm.

It didn’t remind me of Heavy Gear II. It’s somewhere between MechWarrior and a Quake game but I like it. The movement seems fast at first but I felt it was about right after a little bit of play. You’ll probably be at a disadvantage without having the full game and get stomped a lot but it’s a good time.

Not sure I’ll spring for the game yet, but I like what I saw. Probably play a little more before deciding. It looks pretty and the animation is very solid. I’d like some more interesting explosion effects though.