Not lovin' the Lovefilm

It’s England’s favorite movie rental service, but as a previous customer of Netflix I’m having a really hard time liking their website. I can’t find anything on it, and I don’t mean selection wise, I mean browsing their crappy interface. First of all, you can only sift through selections using broad criteria, and you can’t reduce the titles to a dense list, so each title takes up a lot of onscreen space with it’s picture and description. Even at 50 titles a page (the max), it’s maddening on a laptop to forever be scrolling, and it’s even worse when you find yourself making similar searches and contemplating needing to go through 28 pages of comedy again.

That leads me to the next inexplicable design decision… every single episode of a television series will be listed independently within their genre subcategory. That means that if I want to look at streaming comedy, I have something like 20 pages with fifty titles a page, 27 of which will be Peep Show and Shameless… episode by episode, scrambled. That’s fucking retarded.

And to top it off, I can’t save streamable content to it’s own list, it all goes into my rental queue, where I have to hope I remember to set at a low priority or have it sent to me by accident.

I wish I still had access to my old Netflix account just so I can search titles there. I’ve had the service for a month now, and I’ve only added a few US TV series to my DVD queue so far. Every time I’ve went to look for something spur of the moment, I’ve given up and just hit SeeSaw instead.

Is there a site somewhere with a condensed database of Lovefilm selections (especially of streamable content) so as to not have to use their crappy site? Or tricks to make this less painful?

For searching I agree the broad categories are pretty poor, I prefer to either figure out some titles I might like first (maybe Hunch would help you out with this) and then use the search box. You can aggressively use the sub categories on the left hand side to narrow down the browse selection if that’s of any help.

You can add titles to separate inactive lists easily enough though so I’m not sure exactly what the difficulty you are having there. Go to ‘My rental lists’ and click add/edit lists in the blue bar and add one for streamed titles, now each time you pick to rent a title there is a little drop down where you can pick your ‘streamed titles’ list instead of your ‘post to my door’ list.