Not really a 3x3: Biggest TV plot holes

  1. Fringe. We’re led to believe that the Cortexiphan experiments gave Olivia the ability to jump between universes. Why does she then exhibit, as a young child, pyrokinesis? She inexplicably displays a pyrokinetic manifestation when Walter confronts her with true fear. Why is this ability now gone? Why does she only have the power to transfer between universes now?

  2. Lost. Why is the submarine so important when Ben’s Others easily receive data and information from the outside world? Why couldn’t they just send another sub after the first one was destroyed? Their monetary ends seem to have no limits, so what’s the deal?

  3. Jericho. The HEMP missile. Why did it only seem to knock out that one single town? When they travel one town over, their nearest neighbor, they have electrical power and are using it to try and take over Jericho. How is that possible? The missile should have knocked every tech device out for hundreds of miles. Why not the other town? Why did Jake and the others go there to find functional electronics? Why do (both locations) their vehicles still work?

They could make a radio out of coconuts, but couldn’t patch a hole on a boat!!!

Lost itself is a plot hole.

CSI this week:

Plot included toxins from sea creatures: Blue Ring Octopus, Triggerfish, and Angelfish.

The latter two are neither venomous nor poisonous.

See also Gilligan’s Island.

Check out the whole first season of Fringe again. Remember her boyfriend, the dead traitor, that she kept seeing in her dreams? And the “dimensional warrior” bit? And the lite-brite she changed with her mind? How does any of that make sense given what we now know? Answer – it doesn’t, they were making up the mythology as they went along.

JJ is known for that. He’s a huge cocktease and never puts out. See Rimbaldi from Alias, all of Lost, etc.

Prison Break.

All of it.

No seriously, every single fucking episode had some ridiculous hole or circumstance that made no fucking sense whatsoever.

Belick (the Correctional Officer) gets charged for murder because of the phone message he left the dude after the dude hit him and stole the cash. Nevermind that there were 3 call girls in the room when T-Bag entered it. Nevermind that a hotel of that caliber would have video cameras in its lobby that would shown T-Bag or Belick entering the hotel.

And the inexplicable ability of the FBI to make murder charges go away whenever they felt like it, but hey we can’t get Alex (Micheal Fichtner) out of jail in Season 4 because he punched a cop! Awesome!

Let’s go through all this trouble to quietly break into the Scylla room, a high security area that has heat and pressure sensors BUT HEY JUST REGULAR GLASS AND NO MOTION SENSORS to protect a shadowy corporation’s most prized possession, a fucking computer case that requires 6 keycards to open a god damned flimsy hinged enclosure that I can open with a fucking flathead screwdriver, just to then get a “hard drive” that has god knows what (I still haven’t finished the series). Oh, and since the plan was ambush The General as he came out of the elevator, how about we just trip the alarm anyways, wasting all that time and prep that went into breaking in in the first place. Fucking brilliant!

Oh, and let’s dedicate a whole season to a vice president’s conspiracy, and then just kill off the only people that matter soon afterward. And hey we just happen to send the guy we’ve been trying to kill to the prison in the country that he happened to pick to escape to, to bust out a guy whose only purpose was to sabotage the people that wanted to break him out. Fucking brilliant!

That Halloween episode(I think) of Community, the one guy was playing tunes at his party. But somehow he accidentally set it up so it was also playing other, inappropriate stuff too. A guy at the party mentioned that to him, since it was obvious the host was unaware this was going on. Right after he was told, it happened again, HAHA!

Um, if it’s over the sound system where everyone in the party can hear it(which is why it’d be funny) and he’s right there at the party with everyone, how is he the only guy who hasn’t heard it?

For it to actually be funny that scene should take place right before it happens for the first and only time. The two guys are talking about something else(hopefully something funny in itself), then as a song ends something inappropriate and embarrassing plays. Everyone laughs as the guy runs to stop it.

The way it played out was so unbelievably fake that it was not in the least bit funny. They traded realistic/funny for the dubious assumption that if the audience thought this had been going on for a while it’d be funnier.

The entire run of Supernatural after season 2.

Because apparently after that, when they defeat the main bad guy, lol, he was totally planning all of that! And every single move they ever made after that he KNEW would happen in this elaborate plan to…fuck only knows. It’s like the writers think if they can scream TWIIIIIIIST loudly enough it will distract the viewer into not realizing they don’t even know their own backstory and mythology. You should have to watch the entire run of a show before you write for it. I mean, come on!

The super sad thing is that for its die-hard viewers, it works. So I totally know what you guys are going to post in its defense, so don’t even bother!


That IS Gilligan’s Island.

bosum buddies: they just put on wigs and makeup and kept behaving weirdly. how could the women not possibly tell they were dudes all those years!?

Not really a plot hole, but in the latter seasons of Star Trek TNG wasn’t there an episode where going too fast caused tears in subspace so they made a ruling that people couldn’t go faster than like warp 6? What the hell ever happened to that? I’m pretty sure that shit never got brought up again for the rest of TNG or at any time on DS9 or Voyager.

there was always an exception for emergencies.

voyager’s fancy warp core made it “clean burning,” so no warp pollution. in ds9’s later seasons they were at war so that restriction was probably lifted. the little runabouts they had weren’t fast enough to cause pollution. plus, they were on a space station.

They pretty much wrote that out with the newer ships being “clean burning.”

I thought he was describing Lost. I haven’t seen Lost however. Is it just an updated Gilligan’s island?

Pretty much.

Superman. Most famous, recognized man on the face of the earth. Puts on a simple pair of black glasses and he is suddenly unrecognizable as Superman?

Don’t start that again. Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing doesn’t wear glasses.