Not that anyone cares, but I finally found the notebook for me

After ordering a Thinkpad T61 and finding out that it wouldn’t ship until late August, I cancelled that and then came across this:

Needless to say, I ordered that bitch. 512mb 8600M! No one knows yet if it’ll be the GS or the GT, but apparently it’s looking like the GT. I still can’t believe I got that shit for $1600 shipped, which is less than the Thinkpad ON SALE.


Wow, that is an amazing notebook. I wish it were available in Asia.

Won’t anyone think of the chi^Wbattery life?

OK the specs on that laptop look amazing, price isn’t bad, reseller ratings are good too. Says it ships mid June. Please post back when you get that bad boy. I’m most definitely interested. My old dell laptop with an ati 9600 pro turbo is feeling quite dated.

Here’s mine:
Dell’s WoW Laptop