Not the worst thing you'll see all week: A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

There’s a point in these movies, usually fairly early, when the protagonist should really just call the police…

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Got excited for a second to think this was somehow related to the Flannery O’Connor story. Bleh.

I swear for a second that picture on the front page was Sheryl Lee.

This was actually kind of exciting for me:


Tom is hobnobbing with important people now.

“You weren’t paying attention” is such a flippant non-response. It suggests rather than demonstrates and treats that as the demonstration, covering for the fact that often no demonstration is possible. Perfect for twitter.

To be fair to the director, I was being pretty glib in my write-up. The script takes pains to explains why she doesn’t turn to the cops, but like the really absurd contrivances that lead to the finale, the explanations felt forced.

But, really, it’s not that big a deal. The point of the movie is watching the protagonist develop. If that works – which it does in A Good Woman Is Hard To Find – it’s okay with me if the script cheats a little.