Not the worst thing you'll see all week: Unfriended

Title Not the worst thing you'll see all week: Unfriended
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When July 30, 2015

To enjoy Unfriended, which is feasible without lumping it into the "so bad it's good" category, you have to accept a few things. First, it's about dumb kids. The setting is social media, so that's expected..

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At first I read 'Nacho Vigolando" as "Nacho Vigilante" and then I was disappointed that this was not reality. Been looking forward to your take on this flick as it seemed like the kind of thing I'd enjoy, namely OK but interesting slasher horror.

So that instant video dealie, that doesn't work for us lowly canadians?

Move to the real part of America already!

Ha ha, you're going to watch Unfriended!

What, Mexico?

This movie taps into my fears of communication.

I really liked the gimmick, and for the first half to two thirds I thought it worked pretty well although I didn't like the characters all that much. I feel like the lethal "never have I ever" session marked the movie jumping the shark, alas.