Not Tonight - A Papers Please-alike


New game out on Steam called Not Tonight. It is very much like Papers Please, except this time you work as a bouncer at various venues across England. You check IDs for fakes, underage, certain Nationalities, etc.

If you liked Papers Please, this should be right up your alley. It’s made by a different development company, but it is almost a clone with a different setting. I was such a fan of PP that I decided to pick this up for full price ($18) instead of waiting for a sale. (edit: actually that is 10% off, not quite full price.)

So far, it’s very good.


It’s about damn time someone did another game in that new genre.

I wish I was better at Papers Please though. I am so bad at that game.


You may enter. Cause no trouble. Glory to Club Skyy!


I really liked Papers Please too. And I like the idea of setting it as a club doorman.

But with that said, I’m not sure I like it $18 worth. But please keep posting impressions! Change my mind!


Off to gulag with you.


My thoughts too. I also have to say, even in those screenshots it’s hard for me to clearly see what some of models are supposed to be in the camera views. Just blobs of pixels.


Does this game have ‘correct’ responses, like in Papers Please? Or is there an element of a chance paying off?