Not your average animated GIFs

Saw these at another forum

Many more.

That’s really some elegant work. I like it.

How the fuck…

I’m guessing it’s a short film with a single frame used for the still part. Very cool.

  1. Export video frames to a series of single images
  2. Edit images with graphics program to produce desired animation sequence.
  3. Place single frames into animated GIF sequence.

Most impressive…

Eh. Seems like a cheaper version of those weird short films they show in art museums. The motion really doesn’t do anything for me, it just seems gimmicky.

You know what they call an animated GIF without any motion? A JPEG.

Welcome to the internet, please enjoy your stay.

I’m pretty sure that they call an animated GIF without any motion a GIF, considering GIFs are very fundamentally different than JPEGs and there is no requirement for them to be animated.


Looks to me like CCZ was simply countering your snarky post with a snarky post. Whoosh indeed.

No, sadly, he really thought he was catching me out on a technical misstatement.


EDIT: Misread LoK’s original post. Kept link, killed context.

The article you’ve linked to neither confirms nor denies your statement.

Looking at the animated GIFs they’ve created, they clearly used video as a starting point.

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It utilizes video, but it’s not as simple as “Extract individual frames then import into a GIF,” which is the point I was making.