Nothing Lasts Forever - WTF?

Wait…Bill Murray and Sam Jaffe in one of the funkiest movies I never, ever heard of? So, look it up on Wikipedia and I simply wandered by accident on it’s only official showing ever after being made over 30 years ago?

Fascinating. Worth seeing should I ever get the chance?

I love these kind of things. This should be a double bill with Jerry Lewis’ fabled but never released The Day the Clown Cried.

I dunno. It was…funky. Extremely Idiosynchratic. A modernist fantasy where A guy takes a bus to the moon. With cheap sets, deliberately so. Kind of like a more self- aware Ed Woods with some deliberately old fashioned sensibilities - technical abilities of the fifties meets the story-telling of the silent movies (it’s not silent but fades into and out if color). Missed the start of it. But the odd thing was it had to be buried in the middle if the night on the east coast, and that basically was it’s first official showing, for a movie 30 years old.