Novak Dies

I won’t comment on this, but I’m sure others will.

Did he take the names of any undercover CIA agents to his grave?

No, thankfully he got that off his chest on air.

did he die of a hit and run?

Ooooo, well played.

His teeth came to life and bit him.

Stabbed in the back five times. Ruled a suicide.

We don’t have to do the obligatory, “Oh, every death is a tragedy, what a shame” bullshit for this asshole, do we?

Better bury him in consecrated ground to be sure. I don’t want Novakula rising again.

As one Wonkette commenter said, “A brain cancer has just passed after a long struggle with Bob Novak.”

We wasn’t Roy Cohn, but he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory either.

He’s lucky he didn’t die in Leavenworth.

I sure Jon Stewart will miss his favorite Douchebag for Liberty.

And make sure to bury the head separate from the body.

If you want to be taken seriously when you complain about other people dying in almost any other circumstance, then yes. Either you’re concerned/saddened by (lawful) citizens dying or you are not. People are still people, even if you disagree with them vehemently.

I put the lawful there to add exceptions if you need to for murderers/rapists/“terrorists”/dictators/whathaveyou, because sometimes lines can be drawn. I just can’t see drawing the line at “He said things I thought were awful! I’m glad he’s dead!”

Yes, but some people are evil, and their passing should not be mourned.

What? That doesn’t make any sense. So you are saying you either have to be sorry that every person dies (barring murderers, for some arbitrary reason) or you can’t be sorry that anyone dies? That’s a bit silly. Why can’t we be glad that some people die? I don’t really care about this guy one way or another, so I mean that as a general question. Your claim sounds like it depends on some sort of innate sanctity of life assumption. It’s OK to be glad that an asshole is dead, whether he/she broke the law or not (seriously, using lawbreaking as the standard is just odd).

He blew the cover of an American intelligence agent for political purposes.

I’m just trying to say that having a standard is fine, whether it is lawbreaking/murderer/terrorist, what have you.

I’m just saying that “being an asshole” is not enough reason to not mourn the loss of someone. It seems awfully callous, to me anyway. If you’re ok with assholes dying then that really limits your ability to call foul on other deaths without being hypocritical.

I suppose one can choose to make the distinction between a natural death and a caused death, but the loss of a person, whether you liked them or not, affects a lot of people, including their friends and family. And to not feel some sense of compassion seems particularly inhuman.

I’m not happy when people die, but he was certainly a lawbreaker and possibly a murderer, indirectly. Perhaps you’re not acquainted with why he was so unpopular here and elsewhere.