November 3rd cleared terrorism right up

A U.S. counterterrorism official says the newly released tape of Osama bin Laden's chief deputy does not in itself demonstrate that al Qaeda planned or directed the terrorist attacks in London last July…

But the counterterrorism official said al Qaeda seemed "content to take credit for any terrorist attacks."

The official pointed to what he called the "stepped up propaganda efforts" by al Qaeda, attempts, he said, to get "better play" in Western media.

That’s right. al Qaeda has been using propaganda to get “better play” in the Western media. al Qaeda has been doing that. al Qaeda, which can’t even produce a single crapass video tape where the sound matches the pictures, or where the pictures don’t look like they were filmed by the same guy who shot that blurry Bigfoot tape, that al Qaeda has been trying to terrorize Americans–because they’re terrorists; that’s what they do–through the exaggeration of their threats in the Western media.

That’s al Qaeda that’s been doing that.

While the Bush administration has, of course, been trying to put terrorism in perspective. While the Bush administration, the level headed, straight shooting grownups, have been doing everything they can to stop the panic stricken, runaway media from being a mere propaganda tool.

Like this:

(bunch of totally ludicrous terrorist scare stories from Bush)

And that, all that, is the product of less than two minutes of Googling. There are thousands of articles like those. And nearly all of them are as ludicrous as these few.

It’s funny, isn’t it? No, it’s not. But it is disturbing. That since November 3, 2004, all that chilling, credible evidence just dried right the fuck up. Shopping centers at Christmas time? Completely safe. New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square? Don’t worry about it. Schools, financial institutions, airports, ports, nuclear power plants? These things are safe, people!

Since November 3, 2004.

Even things that are unsafe–like bombings in London–have nothing, let me repeat, nothing to do with al Qaeda. And if al Qaeda claims responsibility, you should be highly dubious of such claims. Frankly, based upon what we know about what little threat al Qaeda poses to Americans, such claims strike Homeland Security and American intelligence agencies as mere propaganda.

Since November 3, 2004.

Is it really propaganda? Is it really a lame ass attempt to use the Western media for political purposes? I have no idea. Neither do you.

What would it take to get these hacks impeached?

At least one branch of the US Govt. under human control?

So Antonin Scalia really IS a robot, sent back through time to alter history. I knew it!