November Novel Thing

Is anyone doing the write a novel in a month thing that comes around every November? I know two people doing it this year. I don’t like the very idea of it, so I am not doing it, but apparently it is fairly popular. I was just wondering if any of you had personal experience regrading this.

I did it two years ago and finished within the time limit. I doubt it’s the best way to write a novel, but I found it really rewarding and a great exercise for just getting up and getting started. I revised the novel over the following months and now it’s just kind of sitting on my hard drive.

If you’re taking it seriously and not trying to game the already extremely loose rules, it’s hard to do, though. I got into the habit of getting up at 5:00 am each morning so I could write for a couple of hours before heading off to work. I also wrote every weekend and sometimes wrote in the evenings. It takes dedication, as writing that much is (for me, at least, and probably for almost everyone else) HARD.

But I’m still really glad I did it. I haven’t really done it since because I’ve had a kid and several other side projects that take up all my time. But I really should do it again one year. Maybe next year…

Oh, there’s also a thread from last year here:

Has it been a year already? :shock:

My thoughts exactly.

I’m toying with doing it. I’ll have a better idea of my workload later this week. If I think I can cram it into a shortened time-frame, I will.

I’m participating.