November Retail Distribution Woes

Or How Am I Going to get a Wii/PS3/BC CE this November?? (I’m not getting a PS3 but I know other people are).

Any ideas? It’s just going to be crazy out there to get stuff at list price. What are you planning on doing?


I plan on waiting at least 6 months.

If Nintendo true to what they are saying their yields, are, the Wii should be pretty easy to come by for at least the first couple of weeks.

I really think getting a Wii will be reasonably easy at launch. Nintendo wants to make sure they’re not in a sold out position. It’s also crucial that they meet their demand because if it’s as great as it seems it will be, they don’t want anyone empty handed after the Holidays when things inevitably slow down.

At this point, I think Sony would have been smarter to simply wait another year on PlayStation 3, push PS2 and PSP and not end up with tiny shipments of this new console, thus getting people excited to buy something and find out they can’t get PS3 so they go buy Wii or 360.

The PS3 is more powerful as vapor right now than it will be shipping only 500,000 or whatever small number they’ll get out there.

I don’t see how not being able to buy the PS3 due to it not being out v. not being able to buy it due to it being sold out would alter buying the wii or the 360. If anything being sold out would potentially have a bigger impact as people hold on to the hope that maybe they’ll find a ps3.

Because if it’s not available, no one has seen it. No one knows for sure how powerful it is. No one hears any stories about overheating or whatever other potential hardware problems Sony has with this initial run during a Holiday season. In short, the possibility of it still being the awesomest game machine ever is still there. Once you ship it, that powerful attraction is lost, especially if it turns out to be Xbox 360 in black clothing both graphically and gameplay-wise.

Also, they’re going to spend millions on marketing something they can’t sell. Those millions would’ve been better spent on something they have plenty of… PSP and PS2.