November the 2nd Part VI: Jason Lives

Now that the 2004 election is over, what topic will McCullough have to rely on to maintain his current rate of posting? Specifically I mean threads where he is able to post a thread starter and then three, four, or even five replies to himself. Before anyone else even joins in!

Can we try an experiment where P and R is shut down for a day just to see how Jason reacts?

Am I the only one in favor of MetaPoo?

  • Jason works for MS?

  • I swore this was about a new Jason movie.

  • Funny poll, though.

Jason works for the Evil Empire? I find that overtly ironic, even though he couldn’t possibly be very productive given he committs ungodly amounts of time dicking around in this forum, not to mention the time he must spend combing the web for material to enlighten us and back his arguements.

Driven by guilt over his employer he became Metaliberal! :wink:

Sounds like it would make a good film script :)

I am guessing Jason is single, and instead of pursuing sex as he should, he posts here and works. In which case, his productivity might be fine, but his sex life suffers. :roll:

Seriously, he is obviously very bright, so I don’t think the Evil Empire has much to worry about.

Jason’s actually insanely productive at just about EVERYTHING. Until you’ve met the man and seen him in action, you really have NO idea.

My money is on “tester for IE”. :wink:

Clearly QT3 has come to accept the fact that 60 million Americans support the idea that McCullough will continue his current posting rate, no matter how stupid we intelligentsia think they are.

My money is on “tester for IE”. :wink:[/quote]

heh heh, yeah, I think you’re right! :D And he moonlights as a tester for phpBB software and Google functionality.

So can he get Whidbey released before my MSDN subscription runs out in March 2005?