Now my ISP is just messing with my mind

So, after recurring problems and my internet connection not working at all, I called my ISP a couple of days ago asking once again if they can fix it. And they finally provided the answer I sort of wanted: no, they can’t do anything, their old lines are overtaxed, and I’m basically fucked. So I said yay, I can finally cancel this piece of shit connection. Of course, I haven’t actually done that yet, and naturally, today it works again.
Oh, ISP, why do you hate me so :(

On another note, I’ve come to the conclusion I can easily go without internet at home when I need to, but I become stressed out when I have an internet connection that works 25% of the time.

DSL? Cable, dial-up? If you have some sort of choice in your area and a friendly neighbor try to make a deal with sharing routers so when your internet goes down you can use his router and viceversa. Be aware he tries to hack the NSA they will probably suspect you :)

It’s a student room, in the crappiest student housing in Germany. They have some DSL-like setup, but with static IP.
Should have figured that going with the same student housing organisation that have promised to tear down a building for 5 years now might not be completely reliable.