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Yes, wumpus, I know we’ve done this, but once a thread reaches “Alan Rickman in a jar” it’s time to move on…

I’ve gone 2D, here’s what I’m playing now:

Amplitude - The thinking man’s rhythm game, Amplitude keeps the DDR-meets-Tetris gameplay of Frequency and improves on almost every other aspect of it. Levels are now 5 or 6 lane highways instead of tubes, and they’ve added new in-game markers to make it easier to see what you have to do. The challenge is still there, but now the interface is working for you, not against you. The graphics are greatly improved and levels are much more colorful. Amplitude’s atmosphere, as well as the music, is more club/party-oriented as opposed to Frequency’s underground hacker vibe. The soundtrack is perfect for this style of game, lots of fun music by unknowns as well as some remixes of mainstream bands, most of which aren’t all that bad. Multiplayer is improved because now everyone can play on one giant track instead of going to split-screen, and the online play is easy to get into, although it can be difficult to find a game at times. Hopefully that clears up as more people buy it.

Planescape: Torment - I’m going to guess that the only thing most of you don’t know about this one is that I played it almost two years ago and lost my save game files after about 25 or 30 hours. Enough time has passed that I have forgotten most of the details (of which there are about a billion) and once again I’m in RPG heaven. Here’s the problem: part one is that I almost never play computer RPGs, part two is that every time I read about them people are telling me that this one is far and away the best. So what do you do after this? Any of you RPG guys want to name a good RPG to play after Torment?

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - Look ma, no whip. This is the best Castlevania game on the GBA (I can say that because I’m going to actually finish this one) because it has a great balance of graphics, music, and difficulty level (the other GBA games were all off on at least one of these things). The magic system revolves around collecting souls (they’re like a rare item drop on every creature in the game) which let you use the powers or abilities of the enemies you’ve killed. There are a bunch of cool weapons, some more effective than others against different creatures, and lots of souls to collect that will help get you through some of the tougher parts of the latest iteration of Dracula’s Ridiculously Designed Castle Funhouse. The “story” makes just about zero sense, but there’s not much of it and you can skip through the dialog without missing anything. Super super super fun 2D RPG/adventure gaming. If you’re even remotely interested in that sort of thing check it out.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - I’ve been sort of spoiled for animation by the Guilty Gear games, so even Capcom’s best work is a little difficult for me to look at now, but what MvC2 lacks in large hi-res sprites it more than makes up for in holy shit-ness. So far I’ve just button mashed my way through a few rounds trying to figure out what’s going on. For those of you who’ve never seen a console system, it’s a 2D 3-on-3 tag-team fighting game, but you can occasionally get the other members of your team to come out and lend a hand. My friend’s brother can put together ridiculously long hit combinations by using all three of the fighters on his team, and the backgrounds are just insane when the characters are using their special attacks. Can’t wait to really learn the ins-and-outs of this one.

Matrix Reloaded (Xbox)
Ikaruga (GCN - wow, can’t recommend this enough)
Golden Sun 1 (GBA)
Was hardcore on Planetside until Saturday night
MAME, SNES9X, Gens emulators - fiddling with multiple roms

Super Mario World (GBA)
Matrix Reloaded (Xbox)
MAME - I’ve created a rom fiend, hehe.
Dead Or Alive 3 (Xbox)

Fallout 1&2, if you’ve managed to miss them. Nothing else comes remotely close to Torment’s qualities.

Rise of Nations
Restaurant Empire
Wind Waker

DAoC: Working on levelling my Necro to 50 so that I can create free lvl 20 characters on any server once the next patch goes live.

Rise of Nations: don’t have it yet, but buying it at lunchtime either today or tomorrow.

SimCity 4: Because it’s my job

Planetside: Was playing in the beta, not going to bother to get the full version, the monthly fee is too high for what’s being offered in the game.

Dark Age of Camelot: some of my RL friends just started over on Albion/Galahad, so I’m messing around with that. Really not sure what class I want to stick with there so kind of farting around with a few lowbies.

Anarchy Online: While I don’t have many friends that play AO, I truly feel it is the BEST online RPG on the market. Awesome graphics, diverse classes, interesting character development, and the ability to have fun both solo or in a group make this stand out to me. The mission system is a lot more fun way to level then just sitting at a camp.

C&C Generals: I love jumping into a quick game using the quickmatch feature. I’m currently 81-20 on the North American 1v1 ladder too. I know there are deeper games, but I’m sick of feeling like I’m operating a forced labor camp instead of managing a war, so the simplified worker/resource management system appeals to me.

Metal Gear Solid: Just finished this again yesterday. The three hours or so of actual gameplay you get out of MGS is a ton of fun. Sitting through some of the worst dialogue ever to go into a game, particularly near the end, isnt. My fiancé watched me go through it and some of the story is so awful I felt embarassed playing it in front of her, and she rolled her eyes plenty of times. I never knew so many characters could have these massive revelations about themselves. It’s like a god damn soap opera.

Master of Orion: Yes, the first one. The sound is messed up in windows XP but it didn’t keep my psilons from conquering the galaxy on friday night. BTW if any modern developer ever makes me look up some crap in the manual every 100 turns as their copy protection scheme, I will personally burn down their dev studio.

Soul Caliber: I wuv my dreamcast, and you should too!

Battlefield 1942 w/Road To Rome w/Desert Combat.

Recently reinstalled Freedom Force, may play that a bit.

Was playing Uncommon Valor some months back.

Other than that, nada.

Tactics Ogre
The Sims and Sims Unleashed
Ratchet and Clank
Devil May Cry
Dark Cloud 2
Kingdom Hearts
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Icewind Dale 2
Dynasty Warriors 4

I gotta start finishing some games before buying anymore.

PlanetSide, Hitman 2, and Myth 2.

Earth and Beyond
GalCiv (just bought, haven’t installed yet)
and Counterstrike, occasionally

Rise of Nations (trial version, better than most full games…)

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (bestest game evar, as expected – the cartoon graphics work really well, and I actually bought a GBA link cable for the Tinkle Tuner!)

Galactic Civilizations is currently shelved until Brad comes up with the next patch/expansion to fix various things that were already discussed. (Stop playing RON and get going with that patch, Brad!)

Probably going to get the new Castlevania some day, too.

Is the non Fileplanet version of the RON demo out? I’ll have to grab it.

Magic Online (Scourge + 8th Ed out next month!)
Planetside Beta… soon to be playing full Planetside
Stronghold Crusader
Ratchet & Clank (on the 3rd playthrough – my kid loves it)
Age of Mythology
.hack vol 2

Yep, linked right from the official Microsoft page.

Starting all over again with singleplayer Diablo II now that I’m playing it every other weekend in Co-op mode with friends. Got my wife hooked on D2 as well given how that slipped under her radar at the time of its release.

Bookworm, courtesy the recommendation from CGW.

I, too, recently installed Planescape: Torment because I had always meant to play it and never found myself motivated to do so, despite my wife’s proclamation (and apparently all of humanity) that it is the best rpg evar.

Even more weird is that I had just dug out my Fallout games last week to play again and now I read this thread. It’s fate I tell ya, fate! Or is it destiny? Providence? CHOICE???

Fuck Matrix Reloaded.

Baldur’s Gate 2 with Throne of Bhaal.

Again :)

Guilty Gear X2 – best 2d fighter I’ve ever played
Diablo 2 LOD – for the quick fix
Morrowind & Tribunal – in anticipation of Bloodmoon
Planescape: Torment – for the second time
Ikaruga – holy fuck it’s hard
Golden Sun 1 – lost my cartridge on a plane around New Year so had to start all over
Pokemon Sapphire – gotta catch 'em all etc.

As far as recommending an RPG after PS:T, well, not much comes close IMO. The Fallouts are a good choice as is the Baldur’s Gate saga if you haven’t already played them.

Enter the Matrix(PC)
BF 1942(My quick fix game)
Galactic Civilizations
Madden(The draft got me itching for football again)

I was playing Raven Shield until recently. Then I hit that lame sneaker level and stopped. Note to the devs of the game. Your game isn’t Thief so please don’t waste gamers time trying.

Golden Sun – FINISHED!
Final Fantasy X – I just got to the Al Bhed “Home”. Love the battle system. I could fight all day.
Vagrant Story – Upstairs on PSX when my wife has the other TV monopolized. Matsuno!
Age of Mythology – Got my rating above 1600 again and was making some headway to 1700 when I got my head handed to me.
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – The family game right now. We’ve got five Triumph Forks and all but three squares on the map are visited. I love sailing and exploring. We may finish this week.
Star Fox Adventures – Another family game. We’re going to finish it after we’re done with Wind Waker. About 53% complete already. Still some of the best graphics of this generation.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory test – Not playing so much now anymore, but it was fun for awhile. Definitely will play the full release.
Winning Eleven 6 International – Best. Footy. Ever.
Rayman 2 – Dreamcast version. My son loves it. We’ve finished it once, but he wants to play the whole thing again. For some odd reason he calls Rayman “Co Mo”. He started doing it when he was 2.5 yrs old and it stuck. So we play Co Mo at my house, not Rayman 2.

Age of Mythology – Already mentioned.
Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 – “It’s a game about monkeys…in balls!”
Tecmo Super Bowl – Still KING OF ALL FOOTBALL!
Super Smash Brothers Melee – Never gets old.

In the queue…

Metroid Fusion – Started, never finished. Will take the place of Golden Sun in my GBA.
Rise of Nations – Played the demo a little bit and know I’ll enjoy the full game. I’ve got vacations coming up in the next month so I probably won’t dive into the full game until mid-June in earnest.
Too much PS2 and GC stuff – With all the stuff announced at E3 along with all the stuff already sitting there taunting me, I’ll never get out of the backlog until this console generation ends.


I shouldn’t have to worry about it for a while, but I think what I’ll do is go to a console RPG after this, then come back and give Fallout a chance. Right now I’m still messing around in the Hive, taking my time and talking to everyone. I don’t want this game to ever end, so I’ll take up just about any quest someone has. “Deliver this disease-ridden bowl of mush to your cousin in the Swamplands of Death for three copper pieces? Yeah, I’ll do that.”

I think all of the Ikaruga and Pokemon I played last month are what started me on this 2D thing. GGX2 is also great, love the character designs and the animations. Now I just need to get better at it.

Arx Fatalis - Not just the best RPG of last year, but a brilliant rebirth of the adventure game, as well as a commentary on the kind of evolutionary step needed to jumpstart that genre.

Ecco the Dolphin - Yeah, I never finished the original, and it seemed like a good idea to pick it up again. You know, because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Also, having beaten GGXX more or less into the ground, I’m approaching scary levels of practice in Rage of the Dragons and KOF 2k2.