Now their making games

“NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, and Contraband Entertainment, Inc. today unveiled Abducted, a new PC game that wraps cutting-edge technology around a harrowing science fiction storyline to deliver an engaging cinematic gaming experience. Debuting at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Abducted takes advantage of the ultimate gaming platform — PCs powered by NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 and NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 graphics and platform processors — to achieve dramatic Hollywood-quality visual effects and character animations, the hallmark of future-generation gaming experiences.”

I’m sure it will look really nice…

cutting edge technology + a cinematic gaming experience = tedious, but pretty resource hog

wonder if the ati cards will run it…

PC gaming fractured into competing video card “consoles”, coming soon to your house!


Well, this didn’t do any good for 3dfx so I’m not sure how it will benefit nvidia.

didn’t nvidia BUY 3dfx after they tried this shit and failed?


You’re right. I’m sure 3dfx had grand dreams, but, as I recall, the technology developed by its game spin-off wasn’t used for any game apart from Sinistar–a perfectly nice game but not exactly a giant leap forward.

However, at this point, PC hardware is so hopelessly far in front of PC software that it’s probably a good idea for Nvidia to, in essence, help fund a demo for what could be achieved using its hardware and give would-be software developers a push. (At least, that’s how I interpret this move.)


NVIDIA didn’t buy 3dfx, though they did buy 3dfx assets/technology.

— Alan

#1 “They’re”

#2 Does it star Dawn?

  1. And will the nudity hack be easy?

Good, maybe my games will actually run normally for once.