Now this is funny: Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize awards committee reported a record 173 nominations for 2004, with known candidates including President Bush, jailed Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu and the pope.

Lundestad said thousands of people, including member of any national legislature or government and many university professors, have nomination rights, so being proposed for the prize is no distinction in itself.

It’s easy to get nominated for the prize, but very hard to win,” he said.

Whew, that’s a relief!

All the same, I’m pretty hurt that he was nominated and I wasn’t. I haven’t invaded any countries. In fact, I have made a point of not invading any countries. It’s part of my general philosophy.

Well, that’s because you’re a pussy. George Bush, on the other hand, is a man’s man. He’s the kind of person that will do what it takes to get the job done. If that includes invading countries, so be it.

Man, I wish I had as much hair on my chest as Dubya.

Hey, hey, hey now. I didn’t say I couldn’t invade any countries. I just refrain from doing so. I’m really very powerful and dangerous. My muscles are like tigers crouching just beneath the skin. Etc.
If anything, this understated manhood of mine is more manly and heroic than GWB’s.
Having said all this, it’s possible that I may invade a country at some future date. At present, it’s not on the agenda - you really need to fix things up at home before you go invading somebody else’s. For me right now that means putting on some pants.

It’s easy to invade countries when you sanction them for ten years. If Dubba is such a man’s man, lets take Europe- I hear they have WMD’s.

No, stupid, Europe is our friend. Just like China.

And North Korea gets a pass because?

Because they post no serious and/or imminent threat!