Now this is more like it... the REAL new Batmobile

From Warner Bros’ official BATMAN BEGINS site:

It’s Monster Truck Back to the Future…

They put a jet engine on a car with tractor wheels. :roll:

Just posting a resounding “WTF??!?”

…batmobile indeed…

Bear in mind that all along Goyer has hinted that this movie’s Batmobile would bear a strong resemblance to the one seen in The Dark Knight Returns, which was basically a cross between a tank and an APC. This would certainly seem to fit that description…

I think it’s perfect.

Then again, I’m a huge Frank Miller proponent, and I hype “The Dark Knight Returns” to any and all who I feel can still be turned onto “grown up” comic books (aka “graphic novels”).

This Batmobile seems to be directly lifted from those pages. It’s interesting to note that “Batmobile” was a joke name that one of the Robin’s gave to that tank, according to Miller’s gospel. Batman makes a wry comment about that as he unretires it.

It looks like something I would have doodled in a notebook when I was in grade 2. I’m hoping this monstrosity is one of Batman’s “special purpose” vehicles and not the Batmobile.

It looks like the Unholy spawn of KITT and an A-Team assault tractor.

It looks like the Unholy spawn of KITT and an A-Team assault tractor.

Well when you put it that way, its hard to find fault in it.

Hell yeah!
The first thing I thought when I saw that was “Dark Knight Returns” when Batman takes on the mutant leader in the dump

I think it looks frigging cool.

Yeah, the only thing I really don’t like about it is that the front tires seem too exposed. Still, Bats can afford to buy puncture proofs, so I guess it’s not an issue.

I thought I’d heard something which gave that impression; that there was a special purpose, “all terrain” Batmobile in this movie he uses in Iceland or something. I don’t know.

Exposed is OK. It’s that there exposed and directly in front of the windshield that seems a little ridiculous to me. Wouldn’t they be constantly throwing dirt and debris against the windshield?

The windshield is probably treated with bat-mud-repellant.


The windshield is probably treated with bat-mud-repellant.[/quote]


Minus the monster truck jokes, I like it.

Now that everyone’s gone home with their First To Make A Snarky Comment About The New Batmobile awards, I’ll chime in and say I think it’s pretty cool (although there was never much wrong with Burton’s, IMO).

I’m going to have a hard time making a real opinion until there’s a shot from a better perspective. Neither of those give us a very good idea of what it looks like from the side; it’s hard to tell if it’s as snub as it looks at first glance.

Yeah, I thought the same.

Apart from the rear tires, there isn’t a whole lot of detail to be seen in either of those shots.

This is an April Fools joke, right?