Now this is the way to travel

At least his arms aren’t tired.

Two days in a box? wow… maybe they should start offering these trips to people at travel agencies… and had he waited 15 mins he would hav ebeen ok? … what about the trip back? get his parents to doa “return to sender”? well, I give this guy a ‘B’ for effort (could’ve have been an ‘A’ but for that hole 15 mintue thing).

What if the plane crashed?.. I wonder if he had an insurance on the goods of the box … amazing.

It actually sounds like the kind of stunt that David Blaine would pull: “I’m going to stay in a glass coffin for a month and have myself shipped around the world via FedEx.”

Former employer, more like it…

Maybe it is David Blaine, and the person in the glass cage in England is a Dummy.

— Alan