Now You're Cooking With Cowbell: Christopher Walken Makes Chicken

I won’t link directly to the video, since it resizes your browser window, but follow this link to the greatest cooking video ever – and that’s only a tiny bit of hyperbole.

I could watch Christopher Walken cooking all day long, I really hope this clandestine effort pans out and he scores a gig on the Food Network. At the very least he deserves an Iron Chef appearance.

What is it about the suave Mr. Walken that anything he does becomes entertaining? Up next: Christopher Walken brushes his teeth and teaches kids proper flossing technique.

The fact that he’s so mild mannered yet you’d be completely and utterly unsurprised if he was like:

“Notice that I tie the legs close to the body of the bird so as to cook evenly – HEY, ARE YOU FUCKING PAYING ATTENTION? DO I NEED TO GUT YOU LIKE A PIG? As I was saying, taking the butcher twine we…”

Vincent Price also did a short-lived cooking show - bet DVDs of that would sell :)