NPD December 2020 and Year End Results

You can all blame me. I bought 5 of the top 20.

I regret nothing. The Switch is great.

IIRC, Nintendo’s online sales through the eShop aren’t included in these figures (or they haven’t been to date, so unless NPD got a hold of them at year-end, I’d assume they still aren’t accounted for).

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And you can check, that’s for all the Nintendo games.
Pretty sure they atomized the competition, actually.

Edit: Oops, what @ArmandoPenblade said XD

I have bought exactly 1 game for my Switch in non digital form, and I own many games for my Switch.

Same: Breath of the Wild, when some British weirdo gifted me the console — because I didn’t know I was supposed to download everything yet!

Pretty much the same deal for me. The only physical games I bought for Switch are BOTW and Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the latter mostly due to its timed-exclusivity.


That is a limited time release? I did not know that! Do I want to buy Mario 64 again, really? And I still have Mario Galaxy 1&2 on the Wii (which I can never play due to requiring the TV).

I’ve already tabbed Oddyssey, and am getting the Bowsers Fury since I never had 3D world since I skipped WiiU. So I don’t really need more Mario. But they are so very good…

Yeah, it’s leaving the eShop on March 31 for some baffling reason. Physical copies have a limited production run too, but it shouldn’t be hard to pick it up later as it likely sold millions of copies.

Yep. I bet Animal Crossing really was number 1.

Maybe, maybe not, but for single platform sales almost certainly

I guess we know digital sales on the Switch are high at Qt3 compared to physical game sales, but we don’t know for sure if that’s true in general because Nintendo doesn’t share digital store sales.

And I guess we don’t know how far behind number 3 on the list is compared to number 1.

We do know from Nintendo’s own reporting that Animal Crossing sold 26.04 million copies worldwide - including digital sales - in its first six months on the market (March 30th-September 30th), but yeah, nothing for the US by itself.

Sure, and single platform
Vs multi platform matters. I could be wrong, of course, but I would absolutely be willing to wager that the total sales (physical/ digital) for Animal Crossing exceed single platform performance for either COD game.

But it’s hard to say with the variable and incomplete reporting.

Holy forking shirtballs

The singular game of the COVID-19 lockdown, y’all

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the best selling digital release in the history of the franchise. When combined with number one placement on these charts it is fairly safe to say that Animal Crossing did not surpass it in any way in sales, dollars or units. It also was $69.99 base price on PS5 and Xbox Series.

I mean by the numbers COD MW sold 30 million units. That seems to be near historical series highs. So the Cold War one is probably a little over 30 million, but certainly under 40. 32-33 million probably reasonable estimate.

Which is, yes, more. But if you tally single platform (which was my comment) meaning only PlayStation, or only Xbox, or only PC, I doubt any of those are more than Animal Crossing on their own.

Never heard of it. Never seen anybody playing it. Never heard anybody speak of it. Sure is Black Ops!

I know what you meant. Your post was easiest to use as a quote for the reply. Cold War sales have shown a changing base for CoD too. PC sales were much higher (thanks to Warzone) this time.

PlayStation is the top console platform though. That is known and has been the case for a long while now. The exclusive content they get helps that.

I downloaded Warzone to check it out (I have the MW game that came out last year, got it free with something). It is indeed slick, but man, it just rams home how old and slow I am.

It’s definitely not an easy game, which I think is part of its appeal. It also is very social if you play with friends. In the standard BR mode there is always plenty of time to chat while playing.

At 49, I’m usually one of the oldest in any pub grouping. I hold my own. I have put in a lot of hours though to get to that place. IMO it’s rewarding. When you do well in a game seemingly everyone in the world is playing right now, it feels pretty good.

I’m always up to play with Qt3 folks and help you get better. Multiplayer is actually really good for that. Plunder is worth playing too to learn the map.