NPD Game Sales 2022

Not even Elden Ring can topple Call of Duty. Note: First list is December only.

Switch was top in Units. PS5 was top in dollars.

this is quite funny to me, because after a childhood and adulthood of not caring about Nintendo, I find infinitely more relatable their best seller selection than any of the rest (baring the Elden Ring singularity).
I’ll be a Nintendo fanboy by the time I turn 80!

I don’t get it. None of the top 10 Switch games made it to the overall top 10, but the Sony exclusives did? I don’t remember this being the case in previous years. So does that mean Switch software sales are slumping?

Having 1/3 the games amongst the top 20 sounds better to me, even if they are at the bottom!

Oh, oops, I must have been looking at the wrong list. Stupid phone.

They also aren’t including digital sales for essentially anything on the Switch, so you lose a lot of volume that way.

I’m surprised to spot Gotham Knights on the top 20 for the year. I guess the poor reviews don’t hurt that badly when the brand is big enough.

It’s also worth noting that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released in April 2017 and is still in the year-end top 20 for 2022, despite its age, its status as a last-gen port (even if the platform it was ported from was the Wii U), and Nintendo not releasing digital sales numbers, and thanks to it receiving new DLC support several years into its life. The game is primed to pass Super Mario Bros. on the all-time best-sellers list. It’s an absolute monster.

I think I remember the same thing a while back with Mario Kart 6 or 7. It had been out for years and still kept making those lists.


Worthless numbers are completely worthless.

I probably haven’t cared about NPDs in like a decade.

Mario Kart is always a monster. I remember the DS version being in the top 10 all format charts for years.

Seeing a game like Elden Ring amongst those huge franchise juggernauts is really stunning. A really obtuse, hard game that competes with Madden…lol. Who would have dreamt? Good for them, it’s really good for the industry to have games that no one is really making do well.

Huh. From my perspective, everybody is making souls-likes these days. Maybe not as much at triple-A level, but it’s one of my least favourite trends in gaming.


Digital sales are huge, makes these numbers next to useless except broad strokes.

Here’s December in Europe.

Interesting that Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, if combined, would have been number 2, and that’s despite Nintendo not sharing their digital sales.

I’m eagerly awaiting next month’s Nintendo report. It will be interesting to see if the Switch is going to catch the D.S. as the best selling console of all time or if it will start dipping too soon to ever catch up.