NUC 9 Extreme: RTX 2070 in a (very) SFF computer.

This looks cool (even runs rather cool given the dimensions). Just enough room for a discrete GPU in an Intel NUC. I notice there’s no comment about noise level under load, though.

The canyon NUCs have always been very cool, but extremely expensive. This one looks to be no different. Also while it can hold a GPU it can’t be longer than 8 inches or so, so you’re looking at like a RTX2060 at most.

It has a 2070 in it. In the review. Right above your post…

Ahh they found a really short 2070. OK then.

They say it never exceeded 70C on the GPU as well. Sounds like a nice card, if it can do that in that size case.

Did you see the cases for NUCs and full length GPUs that were shown at CES? Ups the size a bit, but it still looks nice and compact compared to my tower. Seriously thinking about something like this for my next machine, but it’s bloody expensive for the specs.


Yes, it’s the same NUC module in a larger case. The module is heavily overpriced.

Nice. I have a NUC8i3BEH (with integrated video) that I use for my TVs Ubuntu RetroPie install. These are super-overpriced but well-made kit.