Nuclear Throne and clones

We can make this happen 7 years later!

He was the first major roadblock and he still seems random enough that I don’t know how consistently I’d be able to get by him. My strategy was to use Crystal and to shield when he came down from the sky to clear the blue shots, then retreat behind a wall if possible. It’s also possible to shield his bullets in the open but you need a little luck since one of the bursts is so fast.

I know that’s not true because you unlock one character by dying! Hah!

Or not, because I’m still dealing with a little tennis elbow from that evening! I don’t know for sure if it was the mouse, which I rarely use for action games these days, or the Steam Deck, since it requires a lot of repetitive pressing of the trigger button.

I’ll probably use a mod that lets me continue firing if I hold down the button. I know there’s a character that does this too.

Anyway, there’s no rush to get back into it. After 8 years, what’s a few more weeks?