Nuclear tomfoolery

I know a few people have heard of Project Chariot, the AEC plan to make an Alaskan harbor with nuclear weapons.

I don’t think anyone’s heard of the New York Port Authority’s crackpot plan though. Apparently in the mid-1960s they were planning to clear ground for a new airport with a nuclear detonation! (Can’t find any online citations; I’m going off a footnote in Taylor Branch’s Pillar of Fire: America in the King years 63-65.)

It’s pronounced “nucular.” The “S” is silent.

I thought it was nuk-le-ar.

New - Cue - Lurr.

Homer Simpson would know, he works in a newcuelurr power plant!

We were crazy enough to actually consider it. The Soviets were crazy enough to actually do it.

Radioactive reservoirs? Those Soviets were geniuses!

[size=1](Of course, now we’re importing the stuff as Mt. Dew Code Red.)[/size]