Wooh! Another Robotron clone for the PS3. Who has played this? I played the demo and it was so barebones, so lame, so boring, so weak that I refused to buy the game out of spite. And well, fear that it sucks. You see, the demo consists of one square room that only lasts about 30 seconds and pits you against inanimate bubbles who seem to bear no ill will. Is there any reason for any expectation of quality from this game? It’s by Kuju and the premise is you destroy a constantly-growing organism. With a blaster. Aside from blasting, you can also boost (which in this game is called… chortle… “squirting”) and there seems to be some kind of grapple move that you can use to latch onto a cell and make a sharp turn around it, which I haven’t seen since, oh, BIKER MICE FROM MARS for the Super NES! Screenshots reveal that the full game has more than a single room, though.

So, somebody please bite and buy this game to see if it doesn’t suck. Kthx.

I don’t have a PS3, but some of the Xbox Live Arcade demos are way too short. There are several games I didn’t buy, that I might have bought if the demo did a better job of selling me on it by not being so stingy.

The Castlevania demo is a great example. Talk about selling the game short.

I have it. It gets much more interesting. It’s totally different than geo wars or stardust or whatever, relatively slow and technical, but it has its moments. For, what was it, $10, it’s a neat little game.