Nummy Cookies are NUMMY

I ordered some tasty treats from Nummy Cookies and they got here today! I am so pleased. Everything looked fresh and yummy and really really good. Nummy is from qt3’s own mystery who mentioned his business in the Qt3 endorsements thread.

The order came in a nice box, wrapped in bubble wrap and then inserted inside a shipping box. No breakage. Each of the cookies came in its own individual wrapper. Everything tastes great. We even got a little bonus, two packages of big chocolate chip cookies, just enough chocolate chip cookies for my whole family! Thanks so much mystery.

If you’re located in Redmond, you can come to my office and enjoy one of these awesome treats. My kids were pleased when they found theirs on the table today after school. I’ve already had a few and can’t afford to eat too many more, so please come help me out!


Wait, wha? Dude, nummy cookies were recommended.

Sorry for botching the image. I was rushing and didn’t realize the permissions were locked down.

That looks like a large cookie. I was thinking of ordering some, but like everything that needed to ship to Alaska, shipping was more than the cookies themselves.

What are you going to do, Thongsy? Exist on a diet of whale blubber and seal oil? A man needs a cookie every once in awhile.

My order just showed up! I’d ordered Chocolate Chip, and chocolate-laced Madeline cookies.

Inside the large, well wrapped box, my order was doubled up! Two packages (1/2 dozen large cookies in each package) of Chocolate Chip cookies as well as Madelines.

We’ve got a killer wind chill factor in these parts this weekend, so the unbroken cookies are a little on the cold side, but still live up to their Nummy name. I’ll let them warm up to room temp and break them out for the family tomorrow. :)

We got ours the other day - they are truly excellent. Good job, guys! The oatmeal is especially good and I’m not usually a fan of cookies with raisins.

I want NUMMI cookies, the cookies made by a collaboration of Japanese and American cookie makers and manufactured following the principles of Lean production.

Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. They’re all great, but the oatmeal ones are without a doubt the best oatmeal cookies I’ve ever had. I wish I had one right now, in fact.

They make for a great breakfast: Good fiber, fruit, etc.

…Ok, I’ll go back to quietly being 80lbs overweight, now.

ha, ha! It was 70lbs last week.

I eat a LOT of cookies.

The shipping to Los Angeles is rather exorbitant, but I’m willing to take a shot in the wallet from the USPS to help out. mystery, what would you say is the ideal shipping time to avoid stale cookies? 4-7 days is obviously the cheapest shipping method, but that seemed a long time to have cookies in transit.

I got my cookies this morning. One dozen each chocolate chip and marble and I agree they are excellent cookies. Probably the best chocolate chip I’ve ever had… and I doubt I’ll ever buy any more.

It sucks being a small business on the internet, especially if you’re shipping something fragile, and have to charge so much for shipping. The cookie prices themselves are super reasonable but I just can’t justify that much for cookies to be shipped to my house.

But I wish you lots of luck because your wife makes a damn great cookie mystery.

This is the right time of year to have them ship over that time period, we’ve found. The cookies are chilled while in their layers of containers, and manage to maintain freshness even through the ground/parcel post shipping methods.

I can’t say that’s going to be a viable option in August, but perhaps by that time we can come up with a better solution.

Thanks for the kind words.

We’re fighting the shipping costs as much as we can, but the truth is, with the cost of boxes, packing material, labels, plastic bags, and whatnot, our margin on the cookies is pretty small.

Every time we ship only 1 dozen cookies, we’re actually losing money on the order (that’s because Fedex charges the most it can for one package, and either measures by weight or dimensions, so a lightweight package ends up costing more). Kelly has been trying to fight this by putting extra cookies in the box to fight the “dimension issue” with Fedex.

I’m sure we’ll eventually get to a volume level that will let us negotiate shipping costs. Right now, sending 1 or 2 packages out every few days means that Fedex and UPS just don’t care that much about us.

Done and done. 21 pounds of cookies for X-Play.

In that case, I’m surprised you don’t use USPS flate rate boxes. My mom uses them to send me stuff all the time and they seem decent.

Time to pay a visit to the X-Play offices! ;)