NVidia 40.72 drivers now final & WHQL certified

For those of you only update when NVidia removes the “beta” tag (like me)… the new drivers are here!

Interestingly, there are now two different drivers for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. That’s the first case of 2000/XP driver separation I’m aware of. Strange things happen.

2.5 KB/sec??? Is this a joke? Could you all please stop downloading for a minute or so while I fetch the new drivers? Thanks…

It’s your own fault. Download first, then be friendly and share the news.

Here’s a pain in the ass: I’m downloading the Win 9x drivers (I’ve done it several times, now. And yes, the file says “win9x” in the line); upon install it states it can’t find “nv4_disp.inf,” which is a XP/2000 file.

So I can’t install the new drivers they have posted because they’re somehow screwed up. And there’s no obvious way to contact NV support. Anyone else having this problem?


I had the same problem. Check the readme. For Win98, I had to revert to a vanilla VGA driver, reboot, and then manually change to the new drivers. I couldn’t just run the setup like I used to be able to do.


That did the trick, Tom. Thanks. Back to the bad old days of updating the video drivers.

It’s interesting. The new WHQL drivers actually fixed a problem that I was having trying to run nView, the Nvidia multi-monitor software using the 40.72 beta drivers.

That doesn’t make sense to me though, since if they changed anything the version number would have changed right?

Anyway…working well so far.

UT2K3 demo looks great.

It has seemed to me that the thing that usually gets ‘fixed’ or whatever between beta and official is the connection with the monitor, like Power Management and suchlike.