Nvidia 77.77 drivers and Nero Recode 2

I recently upgraded my video card (geforce 6600) and downloaded the most recent drivers. Little did I know, it would cause a problem with Nero Recode 2.

After a night of uninstalling and installing both the drivers and the Nero Suite software, I found that the 71.84 drivers from Nvidia works with Nero Recode

Hopefully, someone else out there with a similar problem will find this helpful.

Now I have to figure out how to get Freelancer to play nice with my new video card. :(

Damn, I just ordered a 6800gt and I like Freelancer. Why won’t it play Freelancer?

Whenever I try to start it a pop-up window appears and says something to the effect of “Freelancer was unable to identify your video card” and you’re given the option to cancel or go ahead and execute the program. When I execute the program, the screen changes goes black and…nothing. Alt-F4, the start menu button on the keyboard and CTRL-ALT-DEL do nothing. My computer is effectively locked up forcing me to physically reboot the machine.

Perhaps you’ll be luckier than I’ve been.

Edited to add screenshot

I have not had a problem with my 6800 gt and freelancer. I dunno what drivers I have off hand but they work great.

71.89 works for me. Everything up to and including 77.76 crashed my
system on exiting some games. GeForce 6600GT.

Ok, finally found some info on a workaround for the problem I was having with Freelancer.

There’s a workaround here which worked for me, and if anyone else has this type of problem, perhaps it will work for them too.